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One dream at a time and that’s how we do it!

That’s right, that’s what we do to turn “a’ campaign into a “dream” campaign. And this journey is fun and adventurous. Now did we mention ‘sluggish’, we did not. For it’s not a late evening walk.

In the last few months we have seen quite a few campaigns. Some took off like targeted missiles while the others landed with a thud. We have to be frank in our submission here, as some campaigns were not necessarily rock-stars on the bill-board. And that left us pondering, when Zig Ziglar came around and said “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

So we set out to pen down what can help you make your campaign a hit, and behold – this is our attempt.

1.    First of all – Speak!

It’s imperative for you to let the people know. If there is a campaign that you have started, go ahead; tell the people that you did. Begin with family and friends and then, may be, move to their family and friends. Make all your attempts and use all the platforms, to let all your contacts know that you have a campaign up in the market, and they can help you rock it.

 2.    Target audience

No rocket science, targeting increases the probability. Based on the campaign, know for yourself who are your target audience. A “beer lover” campaign would not put you in the bar, but behind the bars – if you are trying to lure an under-16 into it. So, know your audience and also help them know your campaign. And gain audience who might turn into your customers.

 3.    Options, options!

The world is diverse. And hence one color, one size, one pattern is not going to make everyone happy. Plan-out combinations. Provide variety, provide choices. You might just come across a guy who would say “Spidey in green &red, that’s exactly what I wanted” – You never know. Hence, provide options – people like that.

 4.    Trends

You might not be someone who sets the trends, but there is no harm in following one. Of course, we have always been advised ‘to make hay while sun shines’. For instance – Presently, it makes more sense to design a theme around football irrespective of your cricket passion.

 5.    Niche

When planning small campaigns, it’s good to target a niche. Focus on the niche groups and their hangout places. Let them know, or even involve them into your campaign. This will help you reach your target sooner.

 6.    Serve, just the right amount.

It’s suggested, to make a good guess of your reach and have a stock based on that. Having an abundant stock and also letting the customers know about it, is not a good idea. Some might say “I need it”but put-off their purchase to the weekend and well, never return.  If the supply is more, the demand seems to go down automatically. Hence, never have too much at hand. A sense of scarcity might help you sell sooner.

 7.    Don’t stop speaking!

It’s not enough to say “campaign” once and expect your campaign to be a hit. You have to let people know that the campaign is very much “alive and kicking”, till the last T-shirt goes off the shelf.  So, the speaking ends with the stocks.

Finally, we want to leave you with a mantra – “The Campaign fails, when you stop trying.”

 Keep dreaming!

Author – Kiran Mortha, Team MDS

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