Introducing Shyam Kaushik – Our Campaigner of the Week!

Meet Shyam Kaushik. He is one of our top campaigners. He is currently pursuing engineering in NIT Silchar. His relationship with us began last year and it’s still going strong. His campaigns with us have all been NIT related. From then to now – Shyam has sold about 1200 t-shirts. Not all of his campaigns were always successful, but he soon learnt the ways of internet marketing and became adept at it. In fact, till date he has raised about Rs. 1.8 Lakhs from all his campaigns on

He was also the biggest winner of the recently concluded Clash of Titans – And he won the mega prize of Rs. 1 Lakh!

Recently, we spoke to him about his experience with us. The conversation has been transcribed below.

Tell us a little bit more about you!

I am a 2nd Year Student pursuing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from NIT Silchar. Basically I am from Bihar. I did my higher secondary from Delhi. In future, I want to become an entrepreneur and I run a few social media pages which are targeted towards the youth.

What is your T-shirt about?

My T-shirts are about my community PTBN – An Inter NIT Network. The aim of this community is to unite all 30 NITs from across the country. We keep updating everyone about the activities that are taking place pan-NIT network. This way we pass relevant information to all community members.


What was launching your first campaign like?

I launched my first campaign back in April’14 targeting NITians. I remember I sold around 97 tees in 8 days time. Launching campaign on was easy. As I already had a design, it took me just 2 minutes to launch a campaign. All I had to think was the right price point. I made INR 9,500 as profits from my first campaign.

When is the first time you heard about My Dream Store?

I first heard about My Dream Store about a year ago when it was just starting out. Karthik contacted me on my community page of PTBN and asked me to take a look at the website and the business model. I started out a year ago, and I haven’t looked back.

Have you sold t-shirts or other merchandise before? Was the My Dream Store experience any different?

No. I always wanted to. But there are lot of problems involved. For e.g. – I had to invest some money to get the products made and I was not sure if I would be able to sell all the products I had invested in. Best part with My Dream Store is that there are no upfront costs. So I need not worry about anything.

What is the #1 thing that you wished My Dream Store would offer but it doesn’t.

There are a couple of things I wish they offered. I wish they gave Free tees to the campaigners 😛

Joking aside, I would really like it if they offered multiple colour options for the same design. I also feel that there should be an option for the campaigner to close the campaign.

What’s been the hardest part about selling with My Dream Store? What could we do to make your life easier?

I don’t feel anything is hard since I have quite a bit of experience in My Dream Store. So, for me, nothing needs to change about selling on My Dream Store. If you can assist campaigners with more tips on how to sell, that will be awesome.

How did you promote your t-shirt?

Initially I promoted the t-shirt campaign on my community page which has a large following, then used all my social channels. I also contacted potential buyers via emails and promoted the T-shirt to them. Later I learnt about Facebook ads and tried targeting a larger audience using it. This started giving me more results.

Did you communicate with our customer support team in the process? How was the experience?

Yes! I spoke to the customer support team quite a bit during the Clash of Titans contest. It was a really nice experience. During working hours, they responded within minutes.

What’s the best piece of advice you could give someone just starting out?

I would like to tell them to stay focused and not to give up your goals easily. Keep trying!

It was great interacting with Shyam who is one of our top performers. However, please remember that when you first start out, chances are that your first campaign doesn’t work our the way you hoped. Even if your campaign fails, don’t give up hope. Do a bit of research, reach out to us and learn how to promote more. Try and try till you succeed. Someday, you will be a top performer and we will be hailing you as the Campaigner of the Week.

See you guys again next week. Till then, keep campaigning!

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