Introducing Alokparna Sengupta – Our Campaigner of the Week

Our Campaigner of the week this time around is Alokparna Sengupta. She is an earnest animal activist and the Deputy Director of HSI India, an elite Animal Protection organisation working to better the lives of farm, street and lab animals of India. Alokparna launched a t-shirt campaign supporting the causes HSI supports while not representing HSI directly.  She has had three successful campaigns under her belt in a very short duration; recently, we spoke to her about her experience with us.

The conversation has been transcribed below.

Tell us a little bit more about you!

I am Alokparna Sengupta, an animal welfare advocate from Hyderabad. I am currently the Deputy Director of Humane Society International/India. While I was not representing my organization in this campaign, I definitely was selling t-shirts to raise money for my organization. You can learn more about my organization at

When I am not working, I spend time with my two kids: canine Inky, a crazy adorable Indian dog whose photo I used for the t-shirts and my feline Mowgly who is less cat and more tiger than any cat I have ever seen. I love listening to music, reading books, watching movies with my husband and hate cooking!

What is your T-shirt about?

My t-shirts were about encouraging people to adopt Indian dogs and cats and taking pride in it. According to me, this is very important because, with India’s stray animal population at a couple of millions, it is unnecessary and cruel to buy imported, pedigreed dogs or cats as pets. The reality of the Indian dogs and cats is very grim. Thousands either get killed every year in road accidents or by municipalities who illegally poison them. Many end up in shelters where they may or may not get adopted. There needs to be more awareness and compassion in people towards these beautiful, intelligent and lovable Indian breeds.


I rescued Inky, the desi dog from the streets of Delhi, where I found her wounded. I took care of her wound, adopted her and then brought her back with me to Hyderabad, when I moved back. Roli, the beautiful desi cat was adopted by my sister from Blue Cross of Hyderabad.

My t-shirt campaigns were dedicated to the two beautiful desis in our family. I wanted to spread some cheer among pet parents who have adopted their four legged children from shelters or streets so that each and every one, when wearing the t-shirt can spread awareness about the importance of adopting Indian animals.


What was launching your first campaign like?

After an initial hiccup, it was a very smooth experience. Since I did not have any designs with me or the capability of designing, I was completely dependent on My Dream Store design team to create t-shirt for me and it worked very well. All in all, a very relaxed experience. Thank you!

When is the first time you heard about My Dream Store? And how was the My Dream Store experience any different from any earlier e-commerce experience?

I learnt about My Dream Store from a friend and this was the first time selling t-shirts online so it was a completely new experience.

What is the #1 thing that you wished My Dream Store would offer but it doesn’t.

I really wish that My Dream Store would still print t-shirts from campaigns where at least 50% of the t-shirts are sold. This would help encourage people launching a campaign on My Dream Store and also those who have pre-ordered the t-shirts.

What’s been the hardest part about selling with My Dream Store? What could we do to make your life easier? 

I would like to be able to compile all my active campaign under a single link. I feel this will really help my consumers, who will never spend too much effort in searching for different keywords.  Promotion through more than one link is also extremely difficult.

Moreover, I would also like My Dream Store to promote my campaign on your FB page.

How did you promote your t-shirt?

Since my t-shirt and campaign was to raise funds for the NGO I work for, I reached out to my colleagues from across the country to buy the t-shirts first. I then promoted it through Facebook, twitter, Google Plus and Instagram. Of course, I also personally messaged friends and family.

My advice would be to keep at it, post twice a day for Facebook and more for Twitter. With perseverance, you will be able to reach your goal.

Did you communicate with our customer support team in the process? How was the experience?

I was in touch with Karshni and Arunlekha and it was very nice and comfortable communicating with them.

 What’s the best piece of advice you could give someone just starting out? 

Make sure you get your target price and audience right!

What’s been the best part of your success on My Dream Store? 

I am very happy about being able to raise funds for my non-profit organization and at the same time bring smiles to the faces of those people love their adopted desi pets and have bought the t-shirts to support a cause close to our hearts!


We are very glad Alokparna came on board and launched her t-shirt campaigns with us at My Dream Store!  Her campaigns were successful and moreover, she was one of the winners of the recently held contest, Clash of Titans. However, not all our campaigners find immediate success when they start out. If your first campaign doesn’t work out the way you hoped, DO NOT give up. Do a bit of research, reach out to us and learn how to promote more. Try and try till you succeed. Someday, you will be a top performer and we will be hailing you as the Campaigner of the Week.

See you guys again next week. Till then, keep campaigning!

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