11 Reasons why you should date an Entrepreneur

Granted, it is super tough to date an entrepreneur. They can give you next to no time and usually, there is almost no money in the bank. But there is also a magic involved with them. Their true passion and drive is a thing of beauty to behold.

Here are 11 reasons why you might want to date an Entrepreneur:

1. They are born-dreamers. They have gone against the grain and dared to dream a huge-ass dream. Nothing seems impossible to them and staying with them for a while, you too start believing that everything is possible. That anything can be achieved. Your sometimes absent-minded geeky entrepreneur special one will end up teaching you how to dream.

2. Your special entrepreneur someone would have fought against the system, gone against his parent’s wishes. They have stood up for themselves against their family’s grumblings, their relative’s doubts. Through it all, they have stood up for themselves and struggled on and on with any support. This is guaranteed to toughen them up. This attitude would affect you too. Whether you want it or not, you will learn how to be true to yourself and stand up for yourself.

3. Being such a dreamer, they understand a thing or two about goals and ambitions. Chances are that they are fiercely protective about your dreams too! He or she will push you till you take your dreams seriously and strive to achieve them. Your entrepreneur is your one-man/woman support system.

4. You will be amazed at your hard-working partner. Their perseverance, their one-mindedness will inspire you and push you to take one extra step, one more hour of work.

5. Speaking of hard work, they understand hard-work and they appreciate it immensely. If your entrepreneur Special someone sees you work hard, whether at home or at work, they will be so pleased and so appreciative that you will be inspired to work harder.

6. Intelligent and quick-grasping, they will be the ideal people for you to go to, for any problem. No matter what trouble you take to them, they will be able to solve it in a logical and rational manner.

7. Their attention-to-detail will help you around the house too. Get them to plan your birthday party and sit back and relax. Watch them track everything on the list and throw a technically brilliant get-together.

8. They know all the latest start-ups. You will get to try all new tech start-ups in town, whether you want it or not. Want a quick meal at midnight; he will know the exact app through which you will need to order. Need urgent groceries in 90 minutes? He will guide you to right start up! They will take great pleasure in installing useful apps on your smart phone!

9. Speaking of smart phones. Being a gadget-freak, they will try their best to get you to start using whatever gadgets they are into. Never wanted expensive phones? Tough, they might just gift you one on your birthday. They will painstakingly teach you how to use the latest tech fad to clean your mail box, to save your phone battery and what not. All for your good!

10. Granted they are not focused on you half the time and they are busy with work 23 hours in a day, but when their focus does shift to you, it will come with complete attention and full energy. You will feel on the top of the world!

11. You will be the centre of their personal life – Their anchor. Granted that their start-up is their baby, but you are the next best thing. They need you to support them and keep them emotionally afloat in the ups and down of the tough start-up world.

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