Announcing ExperTEEs – Biggest ever T-shirt selling game in India

Come join the race for FAME and CASH! This winter, things will get heated up in the TEE World! Come prove your ExperTEEs by selling products like Tees and Hoodies on My Dream Store in the India’s Biggest T-shirt Selling games from 20th November – 20th December, 2015.

Apart from your regular profits, here’s the golden chance to win more! All you have to do is to REGISTER for the competition, SELL as many products as you can on our platform between the contest-period and reach the MILESTONES and walk away with cool cash incentives!


Here are the Contest Rules

  • Milestones count will be from the period Nov 20th 10 AM ­to Dec 20th 11:00 PM.
  • Only products from successful campaigns will count towards the total tally of products sold.
  • There is no limit on number of prizes. Any campaigner who registers for the contest is eligible to get the incentive that applies to a milestone reached.
  • Refunded / Returned orders will not be counted for the Total Number of Products Sold. However, as a fair rule we will still reward the campaigners with the tier based incentive as per the milestone reached.
  • Example: If a campaigner has sold 2100 products and say 200 products have been asked for refund / return by the customer. Your winning amount will still be 1900*100 = 190,000 as the per product incentive for reaching 2000 product mark is Rs. 100
  • My Dream Store’s internal sales record will be the final source of validation for counting the product sales. Currently, the User Dash board has a limited access to data on Returns / Refunds.
  • Participants must have a valid Bank Account, PAN number (Indian Sellers) / PayPal account (Overseas Sellers) for wire transfer. Local Taxes will apply over the Final Incentive Amount.

Start a campaign here and see you on the ExperTEES leaderboard soon!

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