Learn how to reach out to all your Architect bros!

The Whole world needs good Architect T-Shirts and we are sure that B. Arch students, freelance as well as other professional architects are waiting for that perfect architect T-Shirts. But how do these awesome T-Shirt makers reach their awesome potential buyers. Don’t worry, we are here to help you bridge the gap!

Go through these steps and learn how to target your intended audience through Facebook ads:

1. Click on the DROP button on the top panel of your Facebook profile page and click ‘Create Ads’


2.  We have previously made a tutorial on how to launch Cost Per Click Ads. Now lets create Conversion Ad by choosing the campaign objective ‘Increase conversions on your website’. Copy paste and URL and select the Conversion Tracking Pixel.


3. There are different ways of reaching your target audience ‘Architects’. Let us see how we can approach different audience by creating different ad sets.

Ad Set 1 – Schools

Ad Set 2 – Fields of Study

Ad Set 3 – Job Titles

4. Targeting Architects by their ‘Schools’ – Go to Demographics, select Education and enter the Colleges known for the Architecture courses.


4 (b)

5. Targeting by ‘Fields of Study’ – You can also target your audience based on their Fields of Study which appears under the Education option. Enter different courses associated with Architecture as shown in the screen.



6. Target by Job Titles – Targeting by Job Titles will help you reach out to the audiences who are already working and have higher spending power. You can target people working as Architects by entering several Architecture related jobs Under Demographics → Work → Job Titles as shown in the screen



7. Now select how much you want to spend daily on your ad. Here I entered a value of INR. 700. You can also see estimated daily reach for the given budget. Schedule your ad – Set the start and end date for your campaign.


8. Choose the bidding method – Since we chose this to be conversion ad, the default selected option is Website Conversions.


9. Set a bid amount that you are willing to pay for every conversion that comes through your ad. That means Facebook will charge from you every time when someone clicks on your ad and buy your product.


10. Start creating your ads – Choose between Single Image ads or Multiple Image ads (Carousel Ad) and Click on + icon to upload ad images.


11. Enter compelling Head Line, Text that tempts your audience to click on your Ad. Keep important details like Pricing, Product Features, Exclusivity, Quality etc. You can see the live preview of your ad in the Ad Preview Panel. (Check for spelling correction)


12. Choose the ad placement options and chose the ‘Desk Top News Feed’ and ‘Mobile New Feed’ options. Click on Place Order, your ad is launched!

10 pic

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