Thank You. You deserve a round of applause!

We at My Dream Store had an amazing year with you. Your response continues to amaze and energize us. With every successful campaign you make, we are moving a step further to achieve our vision “to make selling easy“.
We’ve been constantly interacting with you to figure out ways to improve the platform. Here are some of the things which we want to concentrate in 2016:
  • Timely Payouts – Currently payouts are happening in 21 days in most of the cases. We created an automated mechanism to make the payouts. We want to inform, the delay in payouts is due to Cash on Delivery (COD) component involved in the campaign. Consider if all the buyers purchased the product via prepaid mode, we get all the money required to manufacture the product & process the payout to you immediately after the end of the campaign. But currently we are getting 63% of orders as COD. After the campaign has ended, we manufacture the product, deliver it to the buyer, collect the payments. This entire process consumes 17 – 21 days. Hence our typical payout cycle is 21 days. However we are working on some mechanisms to wire partial profits as soon as the campaign ends and process the rest once the products are delivered.
  • New Product Additions – We are very eager to add products like Tote bags, Sleeveless Jackets, Mobile Cases and many more unique products which you can sell to your existing niches.
  • New Feature Updates – Our tech team is working on building new features like – buyer messaging, unchanged campaign URL while relaunching campaign, up-selling other products to your buyers during checkout, integrating robust analytics to understand your audience.
  • Enhancing User Experience – We are investing heavily in technology, operations & customer service to ensure buyers/ campaigners happiness. We are strongly working on optimizing the production/ logistics time, so that the buyers get their products faster.
  • Tee Games/ Hang Out Sessions/ Meet Ups – & much more are planned 
We’re very much excited about the new year & hope to see some of you making millions using our platform.
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