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Meet Ronak Kothari, a very vibrant campaigner at MDS. He has been successfully campaigning with us since early 2015. Ronak is a very passionate designer and his designs have always succeeded in attracting buyers and now he stands as an inspiration to us and our campaigners.

Recently, we spoke to him about his experience with us. Below, we have transcribed the conversation we had with him.

Q) Tell us a little bit more about you?

The whole me, Ronak Kothari, is greater than the sum total of –  a Commerce Graduate, an Entrepreneur,  amateur Digital Marketeer,  a somewhat decent cook who makes up for this by being a fabulous epicure, an artist in search of lafz for my creations and a backbencher – fun and gyaan aplenty.

Q) How did you come to know about My Dream Store?Rk 1

When I first heard about Teespring, I was taken on the concept. I searched for the alternatives in India and My Dream Store just happened to be on the Google Search 🙂

Q) Why did you decide to launch a t-shirt campaign?

Being an artist and a businessman, I loved the concept on how you can sell your creation across the country with a desktop and internet.

Q) How did you promote your t-shirt

Solely through Facebook ads. Trying to master it 😉

Q) How was your experience with My Dream Store

I have gained skills and experience that I never imagined. MDS is a great platform for artists and marketer to showcase their talent and hone their skills. I am grateful for the opportunity and look forward to many more years with MDS.

Q) If you have sold earlier on other platforms what is the difference you have felt with selling on My Dream Store?

I launched my very first campaign on JackOfAllThreads and have tried many of the similar ones. What really sets MDS apart from the others is their Hard Working support team who patiently answer all the queries and help the campaigners to get the best out of them.

Rk 2Q) What are the things that you like about My Dream Store ?

Payments are much faster at MDS. Wide range of products. Efficiently managed support team to back the campaigners when needed.

Q) What advice do you give to fellow campaigners?

  • Design what you can sell. See what’s selling. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel.
  • Learn from your failed campaigns and note the mistakes, where’d you go wrong. *This really helps.
  • Lastly test test test, what works for someone might not work for you. Don’t give up.

Q) What are your future plans ?

To give MDS more successful campaigns.

Q) What new features would you like to see on MDS platform?

Would request MDS to share the location of buyers on the dashboard, for effective targeting. (This feature is currently being developed and is in Beta version of our Campaign Analytics dashboard)

Inspired by Ronaks story?  Want to get featured in upcoming Campaigner Chronicles? Connect with us, go through My Dream Store University to master the art of tshirt selling. Test your campaigns see what works and what doesn’t. Never ever give up!

See you until next time. Happy campaigning!

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