Meet Meenakshi Bajaj, a super enthusiastic campaigner at MDS. She was a new entrant to the campaigner family last month and now is one of the top selling campaigners. Meenakshi is budding entrepreneur and a perfect amalgamation of a good designer and marketer. 

Recently, we spoke to her about her experience with us. Below, we have transcribed the conversation we had with her.

Q) Tell us a little bit more about you

A little introvert yet more inquisitive by nature, love to seek new & emerging entrepreneurial opportunities in the current market scenarios and try my hand at those! Loves Technology, Nature & Travel!

New ideas and ventures fascinate & foster me to take risks and challenges that may come my way.

Q) How did you come to know about My Dream Store

A friend of mine mentioned about this amazing platform and it totally fascinated me to try my luck with this kind of out of the box venture!

Q) Why did you decide to launch a t-shirt campaign

Like I mentioned, new ideas fascinate me, so I decided to kick off with the most prominent selling product i.e. the T-Shirt. Hence, I rolled out with this T-shirt Campaign at first.

Q) How did you promote your t-shirt

One of the most effectively used Promotional Platforms, Facebook had a great role in my promotional work. I also tried the Twitter Network a little to target the related audience! One thing to mention, If you choose a distinct niche and then target the RIGHT/ACTUAL AUDIENCE with precise narrowing, surely you will observe the rising sales for your Campaign.

Q) How was your experience with My Dream Store

It has almost been a month since the time I associated with the MDS Campaigner family and interestingly the journey so far has been amazingly over-whelming. Beginning from signing up with MDS to the starting of first Campaign and all the roundabouts related to the Campaign to the final checkout of submitting the first design, following these steps have been as easy as ABC. The 24*7 support team of MDS has helped me immensely in catering to my concerns. My experience with MDS so far has been quite fruitful.e26704297dfd2efb5a0a093448cd7d9da095bada0edd77b9904eaa5b1e1ceaa1

Q) If you have sold earlier on other platforms what is the difference you have felt with selling on My Dream Store ?

MDS has been my first venture to where I have tried selling.

Q) What are the things that you like about My Dream Store ?

  1. The most responsive and helpful support team of MDS.
  2. MDS Platform is easy to comprehend because of the simple UI.
  3. The after-signup support in form of MDSU Sales Boot Camp Sessions are very helpful for the starters.
  4. The introduction of Analytics Dashboard for measuring Sales/Earnings is very useful for Campaigners.


Q) What advice do you give to fellow campaigners?

A simple advice, If you have a distinct niche in mind, If you have found the most targeted audience for your design, don’t fear the risk of failure! Sow your seeds of first venture today for you will reap your success tomorrow! Surely.

Q) What are your future plans (General / plans with MDS)

MDS has been very supportive throughout my interactions.The platform is really amazing,beneficial and helping me to emerge as an Entrepreneur with zero risk. I totally look forth to stay associated with MDS and grow my entrepreneurial base until a long run.

Q) What new products/features would you like to see on MDS platform?

Some of which I would like to throw some light on:

  1. The interests list can be expanded to include varied and umpteen interests in order to cater to most of the niches.
  2. Search Tool can be optimized to ensure more broader searching by matching the search keywords with not only the Campaign Name but also the Campaign Description.

     3.The buying experience can be made a little more easier and more direct for the Buyers.

Inspired by Meenakshi’s story?  Want to get featured in upcoming Campaigner Chronicles? Connect with us, go through My Dream Store University to master the art of t-shirt selling. Test your campaigns see what works and what doesn’t. Never ever give up!

See you until next time. Happy campaigning!

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