Ayush Srivastava

Ayush, a Programmer Analyst by profession is a passionate designer and a star campaigner at My Dream Store.

Credits to his sheer hard work and marketing skills that helped him become a successful campaigner within no time.The Dream Team interacted with Ayush and his dedication towards campaigning is just too inspiring.

Recently, we spoke to him about his experience with us. Below, we have transcribed the conversation we had with him.

(Q) Tell us a little bit more about you.

Hi, I’m Ayush Srivastava. Currently, I’m working in an IT firm.Design of objects is something that pulls me and if an idea or cause is the cornerstone of that design, nothings better. Love to explore the different design and artistic works of different fields be it in automobile, daily consumer products, apparel and even in food and beverages.

(Q) How did you come to know about My Dream Store.ada0d57c3e04b9847278f3391e752826305aa8f441b6aa964e7e9c972f5be392

Internet only and no outside source. Actually, I was surfing and going through articles on t-shirt designing, then on Quora I found an answer about My Dream Store.

(Q) Why did you decide to launch a t-shirt campaign.

Well it’s a long story. As I told you how I’m mesmerized by the design aspect of anything, few years back also I kept thinking and planning about my own brand and designs of t-shirt or apparels but wasn’t aware of any platform. Fortunate enough that I found MDS and was able put my ideas into reality. 

(Q) How did you promote your t-shirt.

Initially tried everything but now only through Facebook ads and a little mouth publicity in my friend circle. That’s it!

(Q) How was your experience with My Dream Store.

Only one word for this, Fantabulous. Never knew something of such sort is present.

(Q) If you have sold earlier on other platforms what is the difference you have felt with selling on My Dream Store ?

Nope, but I know the difference which is that MDS is way ahead in this game compared to other platforms of same business model.

(Q) What are the things that you like about My Dream Store ?


Ayush with MDS BD Team

Simplicity of the website, step by step guidance in My Dream store university, amazing support from MDS team irrespective of the time and day (but that doesn’t mean you call them at 2 am in the morning.) and always getting in touch with the campaigners to solve their issues right away. Last but not the least top notch product quality.

(Q) What advice do you give to fellow campaigners? 

All Campaigners just believe in yourself even if you are a novice. Everyone starts with a zero. You fail in everything almost every time but to succeed the only thing you do is persevere and don’t stop. So the same applies here. Always remember “A defeated general is better than victorious one”. Don’t take it as vague motivational quote because it’s true.

(Q) What are your future plans (General / plans with MDS).

To ditch my nagging GF cheating on me in parallel universe. Kidding! I can’t stop the urge of designing and launching campaigns. So I’ll try to keep up and be more aggressive with the design and selling process and expect MDS to increase it’s pace too with dispatch and delivery.

Inspired by Ayush’s story?  Want to get featured in upcoming Campaigner Chronicles? Connect with us, go through My Dream Store University to master the art of t-shirt selling. Test your campaigns see what works and what doesn’t. Never ever give up!

See you until next time. Happy campaigning!



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