‘’You always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it’’

After completing his Engineering degree in 2013, Dinesh was sure that he didn’t want to work for any organisation and just be another person in the rat race. “I cannot imagine myself doing a typical 9 to 6 job, I like being my own boss and doing things my way” says Dinesh.

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His urge to be his own master introduced him to the digital space and the scope of internet business would be just as perfect for him but where to start from? He was lost in the vast online space!

Blogs and Youtube videos were the only source of learning for Dinesh. ‘’The more I read about online money making, the more I heard about Google Adsense. Its success stories inspired me hence decided to start with that. I felt it would be safer to start with something tried and tested‘’ recalls Dinesh.

As easy as the success stories read, the reality turned to be way harder for Dinesh to fetch success. “It was difficult to earn even $100 in one month. The max I could do is earning $100 in 2 months which was definitely not enough to earn a living! I tried my hands on it for 2 full years and then finally gave up in 2015!” says Dinesh.

On digging deeper, he came across how to make money through Tee-shirt selling at Teespring! Now, that required an additional skill of designing which was new to him. But as the saying goes “If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you”, Dinesh worked even harder to prepare himself for this challenge! Within no time, designing was at his fingertips. “Even though I perfected my designing, Facebook Ads were something I was nil at. I couldn’t earn as much as I expected and lost 10k straight in my first attempt” states Dinesh

In the Meanwhile, he happened to know about My Dream Store, “I thought if I have come this long why not give it a last shot. I then spent an entire month gathering the required knowledge on Facebook Ads and began preparing to kick start again. That’s when I tasted my first Success ’’ smiles Dinesh.

Dinesh Started with “Army” Niche campaigns and sold 90 T-shirts in 1 Week! That counted to an ROI of almost 600%!!! “I was very happy and at that moment, I finally decided that My Dream Store would be my primary source of income’’ remembers Dinesh.

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Dinesh attained yet another milestone when he started his very own office from his My Dream Store earnings.  Only in October 2016, Dinesh received more than a lakh in a single payout. “Currently 75% of my income is from My Dream Store. If I would have opted for any routine job I am sure I wouldn’t be earning these numbers anytime soon

Dinesh started with a mere INR 3000, borrowed from his brother. Now he is a proud owner of INR 7 lakh in profits earned over last one year from My Dream Store. “Even though I didn’t work for 4 months due to personal reasons I was able to earn this handsome amount. I proudly say that MDS changed my life economically and socially. My next target is to hit the 1Cr mark and I am dedicatedly working towards it”.

By selling products on My Dream Store, Dinesh has not only attained the financial freedom but he became his own boss! If you are inspired by Dinesh’s story and want to sell awesome products like tshirts hoodies online without any costs, start campaigning on My Dream Store.

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