Professor turned T-shirt marketer

‘’Behind every successful Woman is herself’’

Life takes a U-turn for all and so did hers – meet Jaishri a professor turned tshirt entrepreneur. Having worked as an electronics professor, Jaishri had promising career aspirations. Marriage took her to Norway, where she fell out of work.

‘’Given my competence, I just couldn’t settle with this unproductive me. The only means where I could access all opportunities despite my geographical restraint was the Internet’’ says Jaishri.  She began exploring opportunities for earning online and discovered the concept of T-shirt selling. ‘’The whole concept of creating and selling your own merchandise fascinated me! I liked the whole idea of being able to sell sitting at home without any hassles’’.

The world of T-shirt selling was completely unfamiliar given her earlier experiences and she took that as a challenge! She then began her minute steps starting with learning photoshop and illustrator design tools which she knew were a must. After getting proficient in designing, she tried selling her artworks as t shirts on freecultr, paintcollar and other sites that pay commission on per sale basis. The results were not so encouraging “I had to sit back and wait for someone to buy the products with my design. One day, I came across My Dream Store and I found their concept of ‘Create & Sell’ interesting”

Being a beginner, she thought designing was all that she needed to excel in this business. But when no sales happened from her first campaign, she realized she was still miles away from her goal. ‘’My design skills weren’t enough. From my interactions with My Dream Store team, I understood that I need to make unique, niche specific designs and have good facebook marketing skills to get success. I knew it would be tough as a beginner but I was excited. It was the real challenge’’.

Steadily Jaishri gained her expertise in Marketing and then there was no looking back! The deadly combination of a designer and a marketer is all what was required and now, she was one herself! From then on there was no looking back!

Within no time she was bang on and her dashboard looks something like this

You just need one breakthrough design to crack a niche and get soaring numbers. Her’s was this! They sold like hot cakes!!

‘’Once you get going there is no looking back. Your numbers just need to get better with days. That’s my only Focus’’ smiles Jaishri.

Jaishri now enjoys her economic independence and loves what she does. Staying away from her motherland didn’t kill her entrepreneurial dreams. Her everlasting desire to establish herself and the will to succeed has overpowered this geographical constraint. She is indeed an inspiration for thousands of campaigners on My Dream Store and for us to keep going on.

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