A Housewife, A Mobile App Developer and an Entrepreneur – Hiral’s Journey of breaking the stereotypes

For Hiral, a Software Engineer hailing from Rajkot life was going well and secure. But she also felt bored of the routine and started contemplating whether to follow her passion of starting an online business. Amidst the deep thought, there came the gut feeling to take the road not taken, although mindful of the fact that it is not going to be easy! Then suddenly comes the family pressure to get married. Is it the end of the light or did she overcome the beliefs and pursue her dreams. Let us hear from her own words!

“You’re a girl, shaadi karni hein, nahi tho achhca ladka nahi milega” the voices around me said. “Well, like a lot of Indian girls in their 20s, I had to agree to it despite my otherwise plans”

Taking the road not taken

Like people say, few things happen as a blessing in disguise, marriage happened the same way to me. It was during one such day when my husband and I were working on developing an app, I happened to look at an ad about MyDreamStore and the idea of selling tees online. That struck me a chord then and there itself, the idea of selling customised tees without having to worry about upfront costs, inventory and delivery. I started to explore the idea immediately, thereby paving way to my entrepreneurial endeavour.

What Next?

Having embarked upon the entrepreneurial journey, next step is to master how to start selling online. Being completely new to Digital Marketing, I started learning Facebook Ads through MyDreamStore University, followed by watching videos on creating and testing designs, finding the right niche, etc.

My initial campaigns were failures but I didn’t give up! I kept experimenting with new niches, new designs with the hope to bear a fruit one day. Then came the Fathers Day for which I created my first successful campaign. I felt triumphant and it has been a beautiful journey thereafter, a roller coaster ride, filled with both fun and learning, says Hiral exuding confidence.

Breaking the Stereotypes

Hiral’s willingness to bring her dream to life, her audacity to venture into online space without prior experience, stands her out from us. This is how her sales dashboard looks now!

Her advice to all the campaigners out there,” There is nothing like silver bullet here. So Test, Test and Test. Test Fast & Fail Fast. Find out what works best for you.

“Nothing could be better for a women entrepreneur of today to find a space where she can work as per her convenience. My Dream Store gave me just that opportunity. Being at home, I am now able to run my business and also pursue my hobby of art and craft. I spend my time selling merchandise, making my own creations & develop mobile apps along with my husband.  I am happy, contended and self-reliant. Just couldn’t ask for more!

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