Campaigner Chronicles: Featuring Nikhil Beley

Nikhil Beley has been leading our campaigner sales for quite some time and we thought of catching up to him and sharing his story with you all. He’s sold close to 2000 products till date and was so enthusiastic to share his story upon contact. Here are his story and approach towards campaigns in his own words:

My journey in internet marketing started back in mid-2013. I was very curious to learn how to make money online, unfortunately, I was left empty handed every time, had lots of ups and downs… but always had a burning desire to build a giant cash flow online.
Somehow I was able to sell digital products like ebooks, internet marketing courses in western countries using SEO and Google Adwords for a while but unable to make a big way out of it.
I knew about emerging e-commerce in Indian market but always left with a doubt whether it will work for me or not….since abundant population in India aren’t familiar with online markets.  One day I decided to give a try and started researching a trusted source that will help me to get the fastest cash flow.
A BIG thanks to My Dream Store, which helped me to get what I was searching for…  After attending MDS webinars and watching YouTube videos related to selling custom merchandise online, I was able to sell tons of Print on Demand (POD) t-shirts in just 3-4 months. The MDS platform is well robust and trusted which help customers to make fast and reliable checkouts.
The myth I’d in my mind about Indian e-commerce market was no more.Every day the sales started flooding in like crazy and fast payout system had helped me to leverage my business. Once again thanks to MyDreamStore, without it; it won’t be possible at all.
I would like to share my strategies on how to sell MDS t-shirt/hoodies online. Hope this will help newbies and others to get started and make big way.
Research: I test multiple designs across different niches. The average number of designs that we test everyday range from 3 to 5. We always reverse engineer. So, instead of deciding on the niches we want to go for, we focus on finding winning designs (on FB) and testing them.
We simply search for keywords like ‘get yours here’, ‘ and ’t-shirt’ to see what’s working on Facebook. Money is where the engagement is. So whenever we find a good engaging post, we know that people are loving that particular design and its niche is worth tapping into. We usually see the number of shares a post has got. So, if a post has more than 2-3k shares, it’s worth testing and taking design-inspiration from.
Now, we take inspiration from that design and ask our designer to create something better and different. Along with this, we also research for 3-4 more designs in this niche that either has great engagement [on Facebook] or look really good to us.
Testing: We keep a total testing budget of Rs. 500-800 per product/campaign. We know that the experts say that we should have a 3-5 day testing window for products, but trust me, it has never worked for us. We usually test our products for 1 day or 2 days max. We usually get an idea of how well the product is going to work, in the first 24 hours itself.
We create 3-4 adsets per campaign. Every adset is run with a budget of Rs.200. We distribute the targeting in the following way:
Adset1: Magazines or websites | We usually intersect 3-4 magazines or websites in that niche.
Adset2: We target the ‘I love’ keywords for that product. So let’s say if we are to target dads, we’ll target interests like ‘love being dad’ ‘love my children’ ‘love being daddy’ ‘love my son’ etc.
Adset3: We select males and parents from the demographics. So, all fathers would be seeing our ad.
We usually try to keep our adset audience size to 300k-1 million. So either we add more interests or we intersect them, to reach our target audience size while testing.
 If we don’t get a sale within 24 hours, we let the adsets run only if they have a good CPC [Cost per link click]. Anything less than Rs. 15 is okay.
48 hours is the maximum we wait before killing an adset or the entire campaign.
 We’ve seen from experience that if a product works for us on day#1, it works when we scale it too.
If it doesn’t work for us on day#1 and works on day#2, it gives us a hard time while scaling it.
Scaling: We test multiple things one-by-one. Let me break it down step-by-step:
Rs. 200/adset, testing phase, 1-2 days
Works? Yes – Let’s scale!
Duplicate the adset to Rs.600/day
If it works, we duplicate the same adset to Rs.1000/day. And carry on with the same process[50-100-200] until the adsets are profitable. 1-day window.
If daily budgets don’t work when we scale, we run them on lifetime budgets. So if Rs. 200/day doesn’t work, we run them at Rs.3000 lifetime budget for 14 days.
If lifetime works, we duplicate the adset and keep doubling the budget [6000-7000-9000-12000 and so on]. 1-day window.
If none of these work, we increase the budget of the test adset slowly. So from Rs. 200, we make it 300-500-700-900 and so on. 1-day window.
Remember everything is winning design. If you have one… it’s a golden egg in your hand
Nikhil D. Beley
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