How to create an Awesome Webpage ? Find out how we did it!

An awesome webpage requires a truly creative mind. One of the best methods of starting out on the design of a new webpage is the mind mapping process. For the creation of the CLASH OF TITANS Contest page too, we first needed to prepare a design in our mind. Once we were sure of what we were going to create, only then did we start implementing it.

The brief we got for the CLASH OF TITANS webpage was to create something modern and young in feel while being retro in look. We kept this important input in mind while creating drafts. We also knew that our website should be user-friendly, attractive and have a ‘stickiness’ factor attached to it.

5 design elements that created a quaint, old-worldly webpage

1. We created fun, quirky characters — keeping in mind that our ultimate audience is between the ages of 18 to 35 years.


2. We intended to create a space which people would want to explore and play with. The navigation buttons and other small elements of the web page are intended to engage our audience. The small but interesting elements we used in creating this design were funky pencils, t-shirts here and there.



3. The colours we used too were also important. The colours were used as a character itself. The color theme is set keeping in mind the current trend of using solid color, while still giving the page a retro look!



4. Every character has been painstakingly hand-drawn and then converted into digital files. All of the tiny detailed characters perfectly represent the mood which we are trying to portray. Almost all of the typography seen on the website is hand drawn as well. We didn’t want to compromise with the quality of graphics.




5. Even the background of the website has some subtle elements which enhances the old-worldly, whimsical feel of the website. This makes the user want to experience and further explore a new world.Image2


Here is the finished web page, Take a look!


While we wanted our design to be original and innovative, we also had to bear in mind that the webpage was a landing page meant not only as a positive marketing tool but also for lead capturing.

What makes a Landing page complete?

Along with good design and quirky creativity, we have included all important elements needed for creating an effective landing page as well. A landing page is a web page that allows you to capture a visitor’s information through a lead form. A good landing page will successfully target a particular audience and answer the following questions they may have about your product or service.

These are four main features for a good landing page to have:

· How/what will the visitor profit if they give you their information?

· Why is this service or product a must have?

· Create a sense of urgency around your offer

· Simplify the process of signing up/registering as much as possible

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    please clarify if the goal is not achived then what happened for the people who had buyed the product

    • My Dream Store says:

      Hi Syed,

      All you need is 5 buyers to get the products printed. In case if the campaign goal is not fulfilled, refund will be initiated automatically.


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