5 tips that will make you a better designer – Basic

Graphic design has a learning curve and we would like to help you get better with some tips and tricks. Here are 5 basic rules to keep in mind.

1. Use contrast to make your designs pop

Juxtaposing contrasting elements in your design will help it stand out. Use contrasting colours for the background and the foreground. A simple rule is that on a lighter coloured background you should use darker fonts and vice-versa.

 2. Choose your fonts with care

Follow the same rule while choosing the fonts for a particular design. Use contrasting fonts for the heading and the subtitle or body. You could pick a font that is grand for the heading, and choose for the subtitle and body, simpler fonts. Make sure the fonts you choose are easy to read!

 3. Pick a colour scheme

Just like you’ve now chosen a font palette, you’ll also want to pick a colour scheme. Start with 2-3 main colours and usually the tool you are using will suggest the rest of the palette.

 4. No naked images

Use appropriate images in your designs to help it stand out. However, if you choose to simply place the images on the background, it will not be as appealing as if you place it within a frame. This is a simple trick which will give your design a professional edge.

5. Keep it simple

Lastly remember, a cluttered design is will overwhelm the senses and not appeal to the viewer. Use every design element frugally and keep the number of fonts, colours, shapes and frames to a minimum.

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