Quality of a My Dream Store T-shirt

At My Dream Store, we take great pride in crafting each T-shirt for you. We choose the fabric of the T-shirt with utmost care. With high level Quality Check, we are also able to keep a close watch on each T-shirt that we make and ship to you.

Attention to the Stitch

• In order to ensure durability, we double stitch the seams


Fabric is Foremost

• The T-shirt fabric we select is made from the best of the cotton yarn
• The fabric is Honeycombed and made super-smooth without any pilling
• We use the Soft flow dyeing to ensure that the colour spreads through the T-shirt uniformly
• We use expert compacting technique to make sure that stretch and recovery is limited and shrinkage is under control. This way we make T-shirts without any deformation.
• The T-shirt goes through a Bio-washed finish to get that soft and fluffy feeling
• The T-shirt is fit for rough use and humid Indian conditions. With this fabric absorbing sweat fast and drying sweat even faster; it is the perfect Indian T-shirt.

Sharp Print is our motto

• The printing on the T-shirt is sharp and durable. Even after multiple washes our prints won’t crack or peel or fade.


Each T-shirt manufactured by My Dream Store passes through stringent, microscopic checks before it reaches you. We also work hard with our campaigners to make certain that the price is not too high. We maintain same quality as any brand T-shirt, while keeping the price at half of that of a branded T-shirt.

However, if you have any issues or concerns about the quality of the T-shirt that has reached you, feel free to write to us at info@mydreamstore.in. You can avail our replacement offer and exchange the T-shirt in question within 15 days of your receiving it.

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