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We want to take some time out today to talk about our cool work space. We have recently moved into a new office and the co-founders and the design head put some thought and care in designing an office space that relaxes, inspires and is light on the pocket as well.

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Some of the our team members – Celebrating a colleague’s birthday!

Designing every aspect of the space where 20-30 people will spend most of their day is a challenge. All of these people are different with varied personalities, likes and dislikes. To accommodate all and be able to give them a corner each which they can call their own is a tough job. Add to that the miniscule budget we had sanctioned to so – And you have a gargantuan task ahead.

Being a Start up and having a Start up budget, we wanted a simple setup. However, as we went along thinking it out, we realised that design decisions couldn’t just depend on financial restrictions. Keeping it light and innovative itself can be a challenge, but also really force you to be more and more creative and have that rupee stretch longer and more creative.

Moreover, we wanted the new office space to be a treat to the team, who have sat along the t-shirt production unit all these years.

Below, we have shown you how we came up with something beautiful in a very limited budget. Be inspired with what we did and pass the message along. Who knows – somewhere out there, someone is looking to do just this!

Feel free to let us know your feedback and ask any questions.

Entrance Area / Reception / Waiting Room / Leisure Room

Office 1

This is what you first see as soon as you knock on the office door. The door to the office is non-descript. The outer Sanctum is all white with black fonts asking you to dream and to do it loud! This sets the tone for the rest of the office. There are splashes of colour and whimsy (happy meal toys pepper the wall) and unique pieces amidst functional furniture, like the round log table to house newspapers and books. One can use this room for many purposes. There is a Sofa to take breaks and have tea and your morning newspaper time. Bean bags all around to lounge for a bit. The walls have shelves with books from our personal collection and plants in tiny pots to make the space more relatable.

There are two typography based walls one to inspire us which says “Live your dreams” we all are trying to do same in our lives. Another wall says “Play it Loud” as we believe in having fun along with work. One of our co-founders loves dog and wants to have one but another is afraid of dogs. They reached a compromise with a cute graffiti dog near the main door.

Work Area

Office 2

As you enter the work area it’s all white walls and sweet orange chairs. There is an overwhelming feeling of free space and the underlying thought that this space can be moulded to be made into your own someday. Nooks and corners have fitting graffiti urging you to JUST BREATHE even at the fear of the deadline dragon. We have a lot of free space to avoid mind clutter

 office 3

There is a Kung Fu Panda Mural to convey the ideology of Inner Peace and the fact that there is no secret ingredient. All you have is you and that’s it. My colleague who sits next to Panda actually believes that his work and mental composure has improved since he has moved to that spot. All switch boards have skulls around them it gives a touch of minimal design elements throughout the area.

 office 4

Director’s Cabin

office 5

The almost bare bosses’ room denotes simplicity itself – This is probably the simplest of all rooms. Simple and elegant.  This room is held up by the single, humble thought of “Have a little faith.” This has helped them go through the hurdles in the past and that is what they have on the walls.

The book shelves are made up of L brackets which we bought for less than 300 INR and on the walls we put up some colourful artworks around to add that touch of colour in the room.

Designer’s Workspace

office 6

A special mention has to be made for the designer’s own working space. It is a quaint little space made of a corner between two rooms, with bare bulbs overhead and minion graffiti and her own artwork keeping a watch. Some yellow flowers DIY lights add more charm to the whole space making it cosy and inviting.

Conference Area

office 7

The room is an open space. It has a painted blackboard which can be used for meetings as well as for writing deadlines. We have some little things around making the space look cool, like flowers, a small plant and graffiti on the wall.

Soon we will add a white board and some inspirational posters.

There was a pipe in the room which we painted red and tied string to make it like a clothesline and hung some photos and feedback from the team members after every meeting.


office 10 office 11

We don’t want our team to get bored anywhere in our office, not even in the washroom. We created some DIY lights which is made up of paper coffee cups. On the walls itself, there are doodles and patterns and some funny toilet keywords.

Kitchen Area

office 12

Here we have little lights, flowers, some stools giving it a spare elegant look. One wall has graffiti with the text “Eat Like a Pig” as most of the employees in our office are foodies. As it’s a small space we haven’t added much to the space, as we need it to be nothing much is being added to make it look neat and clean.

Inspired by various design studios in France and the U.S we started our ground work. Entire concept was to use the sleek and modern furniture and use minimal colours to avoid distraction.

People Involved


Altogether we’ve managed to make a beautiful office at 3/4 of our estimated budget. On the day of opening, each and every employee was happy with the output.

Creative Team Behind the Project :

Garima Shukla – ,

Vijay- mail

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