T- Shirt Print Techniques – Which one is for you?

This happened to me sometime back when I was looking for some t-shirts for my engineering batch. I had the design but no idea about the printing or t-shirt type. The more vendors you talk to, the more confused you will be because each of them projects their printing type as the most durable and lucrative. Care no more. Find it for yourself.

Looking to arrange some garments for your small business venture and facing the facing the problem of  differentiating between the T-shirt printing techniques available.

Do you understand the difference between screen printing and cad cut vinyl? What about direct to garment printing and transfer printing? The serious headache begins when  it comes to planning an event, launching some printed T-shirts with your design on or ordering some workwear.

Let’s relieve your concerns about T-shirt printing with a clear infographic about steps to follow in building up a sustainable business.

T-shirt Print Techniques - An infographic

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