Track your Facebook Ad conversions using Pixels

My Dream Store is going to help you track conversions of the Facebook ad you are using to promote your T-shirt campaign. For this, we will teach you how to use Facebook ad tracking through pixels. This is an extremely useful tracking tool our team uses to discover the detailed journey of an ad from first impression to ultimate conversion.

Below, we have recounted the steps it takes to connect your Facebook ad manager and your My Dream Store account through pixel tracking and to better measure your campaign conversions.

How to find your Facebook Pixel ID?

1. Sign in to your Facebook Ads Manager

2. Click Conversion Tracking tab on the left side



3. Click Create Pixel

4. Select the category ‘Checkout’ from the dropdown menu and give your conversion pixel a name. Please note that currently, we only support Checkout pixels


5. You will see a piece of code and the pixel ID

6. Copy the ID below the pixel name


7. The Pixel ID will look something like this 6458135640651

How to submit your pixel at the My Dream Store Website

1. Once you have copied the Pixel ID, please visit the Dashboard within your My Dream Store account and visit the ‘My Campaign’ tab

2. Choose the campaign you want to create ads for and click on the settings



3. Then go to the second tab called ‘Facebook Conversion Pixel and then enter your pixel ID


4. Sit back and enjoy your ad conversions

This procedure will help you to track which Facebook ad led to which sale. It will not only help you count and calculate all the sales you got from showing your ad to the audience but also help you check which ad is working and which one is not.

If you have any additional questions about Facebook pixel tracking and how it can be used with My Dream Store, please write in to us at Our expert tech team will answer all your questions.

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