Build a vibrant community from a simple T-shirt

This is a continuation of the previous blog post on Defining your Target Audience, Here!

After you have selected your very niche audience, look for all the possible online forums and social media channels that your audience visits. Once you have found them, join the forum as well as the groups and provide well-thought out inputs and create a value add. This will be good for later on, when you ask them for information, participation or even their email Ids.

In case your intended audience that doesn’t have a single, well-organized forum for its members – it could be a great new opportunity to build a viable community and a brand and acquire a solid following. If you are fervent about your T-shirt and the cause or community it supports, chances are that there will be others too who will have a similar passion for it.

Bring together the community of your target audience by first creating content that they will love and share. This process of community-building is a time-consuming one and will take effort from your part. Take on this project if you really care about the cause. This undertaking is bigger than making profit for your campaign. Note that, you can be a successful campaigner even without having to build a community from scratch. However, if you really care about a cause, you can take advantage of this platform to build something more meaningful and bring about change.

Come use our crowd-funding platform to build a community around a t-shirt! Log into and start a campaign! Happy Campaigning!

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