Awesome new products on My Dream Store!

My Dream Store is very proud to launch three brand new products this month!

We have noticed a spike in demand for different styles of apparels from our consumers and in order to  fulfill their needs and to help you sell more, we have added more variations of t-shirts and tank tops for both men and women! We already had the Unisex T-shirt and now we are adding three more! Now you have a wider range to select from while choosing your product.

We are also taking this opportunity to give you a boost in profit by slashing the base price of all our products by 10%.

Products we are adding are!

  1. Men’s Vest
  2. Women’s Tee
  3. Women’s Tank Top



Now, you will be able to provide more options to both men and women. We have appropriate colours for all the products. We have lighter and more vibrant colours for women’s tees and tank tops and very solid blues and greys for the men’s tees and vests!

If you are wondering how to access these products, please go to our design studio and from the drop-down menu under ‘Pick a Product.’


Don’t miss out on this new and improved experience. Hope you have a great time creating new products! Happy Campaigning…!

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