“I have a dream” – starts the historic speech of Martin Luther King Jr. A speech that holds people enraptured till date. A woman standing behind him shouts, “Tell them about your dream Martin”. And he tells the 250,000 people standing there, about his dream. This marks the defining moment in the history of America, a key to the formation of the Modern day America.

What if he never spoke about his dream?

Mahatma Gandhi, father of our nation wrote a book. A book called “India of my dreams”. This book talks about everything, that he aspires an Ideal democratic India to be. It covers topics such as Education, Poverty, Industrialization, Untouchability, National language and so on.

What if he never had this dream?

Dreams, dreams, and dreams – they have seen many a happy sunrise. They have seen nations rise, ships built and the man fly.

These are not the dreams that we have in total unconsciousness. Not the once which creep-in when we are totally asleep and which disappear into thin air, once the eyes see the daylight.  These are the dream that walk-up to you in broad daylight and keep you awake. The dreams that you consciously weave with all your passion. They shine bright in the darkness. They won’t let you sleep.

“Not to dream” is the first lesson that, everyone is taught.  You are supposed to be practical. But, do understand – dreams are not “un-real”. If you care, your dreams can be “realized”. You abandon the dream and it will be lost in the space.  And there is a very less chance of regaining it.

There is a person, who agrees with me on this. He is a person of great achievement. While he was at school, he worked as a paper boy too. He faced many a challenge, but he did not kneel. His dream kept him going. As destiny would have it, he became the President of India.

And at the first opportunity he got, this is what he told the students

“Dare to dream

And care to achieve”

So don’t be shy and dream big.  And that’s what the wise do. Because in the walk of your life, your imagination walks ahead of you, and you follow. And if you keep up with the pace, one day your imagination becomes you.  That’s how, your dream comes true.

Have you heard the wise say – “If you sincerely wish for something, the Universe conspires to make it happen”. Don’t hope for this to be true. Believe that it is, indeed true.

If you have a dream, chase it. And in your chase, you would come across people, who are just there to help you – to make your dream come true.


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Author – Kiran Mortha, My Dream Store Team

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