Introducing Kavya Krishna, our ‘Campaigner of the Week.’

Meet Kavya Krishna, our ‘Campaigner of the Week’ this week. Kavya is an aspiring BDS student who is currently taking a break from studies due to health difficulties. This break has made her a stronger person and has given her an opportunity to explore her creative side and take on activities and projects that she has not thought of before. This brought her to designing and art.

We were super thrilled that she agreed to meet us and look around our office and have a chat with us! Kavya came down to our office in Hitech City this week all the way from Dilsukh Nagar.

Kavya was originally very interested in designing jewelry and started her foray into art and craft as an amateur jewelry designer. From here she started to look at more opportunities in art and design. This was when she came across My Dream Store accidentally through The Logical Indian page. The Logical Indian had recently launched a t-shirt campaign on My Dream Store.

Below, we have transcribed the conversation we had with her.

What is your t-shirt about?

“The t-shirt is about Hyderabad. I am born and brought up in Hyderabad and I am very much love the city so I thought if we can show our love for the city by wearing a t-shirt, it’ll be cool. Many of my friends and family too love Hyderabad just like I do and I thought it would be cool if we could all wear this t-shirt and show our love for the city.”


How did you hear about My Dream Store?

“I first came across My Dream Store through ‘The Logical Indian.’ I then checked out all the t-shirts on the website. This was during the Crazy 99 Sale and I ended up buying quite a few t-shirts for my young cousins and they were very cool. I went through the website and thought maybe I could design t-shirts as well.”

 What was the hardest part about your campaign with My Dream Store?

 “I the hardest part is promotion. Trying to convince people to buy a t-shirt and to assure them of the quality of the t-shirt bought online – It’s tough.”

 Now that you are wearing it, what do you think about the quality of the t-shirt?

 <She Looks down and laughs> It is good.

 How did you then promote your t-shirt and sell it?

 “I used Facebook and Whatsapp and invited all my friends and family. They have encouraged me by buying many t-shirts and spread the word to their friends and families. This has been of great help!”

 Did you speak to our customer care team during this process?

 “Yes. I contacted them to re-launch my campaign and I had expected them to get back to me in a few days, but within 20 minutes, they replied to me saying that the campaign was re-opened and my tees were available for sale once again. This was superb.”

 What is the best advice you can give someone just starting out at My Dream Store?

 “I feel everyone has creativity so just explore different things. My dream Store is providing a veritable canvas, so you need not have oodles of creativity. Just start exploring the colours and the designs and see what you come up with.”

 What can we do to make your experience better?

 “It would be awesome if you could help us with the promotions more!”

 What plans for the future with My Dream Store?

 “My next project is hoodies. My friends want Minion hoodies and that is what I will be doing next.”

 What is the best thing about My Dream Store?

“My Dream Store is Awesome. We have creativity but we are taken aback by the business side of it, the cost and all. But My Dream Store is a pretty cool platform. It doesn’t ask you for any money. You just have to design your products and everything else will be taken care of. So that’s a very easy platform!”

Thank you Kavya for the faith you showed in us! Follow her on her Facebook page Miss Sunshine and stay abreast of the little things in her life.

Here is a video we captured of the interview!

However, for our readers, remember, if your first campaign doesn’t work out at first the way you hoped, DO NOT give up. Reach out to us and learn how to promote more. Try and try till you succeed. Someday, you will be a top performer and we will be hailing you as the Campaigner of the Week.

See you guys again next week. Till then, keep campaigning!

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