Our popular sale is back and this time we would like to go at it bigger and better by involving all of you!

A brand new sale is coming up on the Independence Day weekend and we would like to invite our campaigners to come and participate in our Super Sale – and make Super profits!


The benefit of participating in this sale is that along with manufacturing, printing, delivery and customer support, this time we will take care of the promotion of your t-shirt as well. If you are finding it tough to pay and promote your t-shirt campaign, this is your chance! Participate in our sale and get your t-shirt to reach a larger audience.


(i) You have to ensure that your design is limited to three colours only (ii) Set a Selling Price that we will be using for that particular sale and (iii) Set a goal of 5 T-Shirts.

~T-Shirt Category

For every sale, we will select a few categories of t-shirts which we will be selling. In order to participate, you will have to ensure that your design pertains to those selected few categories.

So what are you waiting for?

The first sale we have planned is just a few days away. Come participate in our Epic Independence Day Sale and look forward to Mega profits! Start the process by clicking here!

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