Tech Update – Now select Multiple Product Colours for a Single Campaign!

We at My Dream Store are super happy and pleased as punch to introduce a band new feature that you all have been waiting for. Now all you campaigners will be able to create a T-Shirt design and make it available in multiple colours to the buyer. This while making your T-Shirt design more versatile will also give more choices to the consumers, who will be able to choose the t-shirt colours they like the most!

All you have to do is select the colours that you want your t-shirt to be available in. You can make the selection by clicking on the tiny coloured squares on the right hand-side of your screen.


Please remember that while you can now change the colour of the t-shirt that you want your design to appear on, the colour of the design itself will not change. In order to make sure that the design you have created actually looks good on the colours you are choosing to make the design available in, look at the preview. In order to do that, hover over the colour boxes on the right and the display will change to show you what the T-Shirt will look like.

Once you launch your campaign, the buyers will be able to see your t-shirt and the coloured circles underneath will indicate the colours the T-shirt will be available in.

All the buyer will have to do is to click on the desired coloured circle and the preview will be show up in the display with the colour they have selected.

That’s all! As easy as 1-2-3…

With this flexibility in terms of colour, you will be able to sell more of your T-Shirts to potential buyers. What are you waiting for? Start Campaigning Now!

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