Tech Update – Keep your campaign private!

Our latest Tech update is to make your campaign a private one. This feature can be used by our campaigners who don’t want their campaigns to become searchable on our website or by search engines.

If this option is selected for a campaign, only those who are given the link to the campaign will be able to access it. It will be hidden from our campaign pages and our website search results and your campaign will not appear as search results on Google, Bing or any other Search Engines.

When to use this feature?

  1. You created the campaign to sell T-shirts to family and friends and the design has a special and personal meaning not to be shared with all.
  2. You have created a brand new design/slogan that’s going to be the new trend and you don’t want anyone to get inspired by it right now.

How to Make your campaign Private

  1. Once you have created your campaign, go to the settings of that campaign within the Account Dashboard.
  2. Go to the sixth tab, ‘Private Campaign,’ and click on the blue button saying ‘Make campaign Private.


That’s it! Your new campaign is now private. Share the Campaign URL with your friends and family and sell that special T-Shirt!

  1. At any point in the duration of the campaign if you wish to make your campaign public, just go to the same spot and you will find the ‘Make campaign Public’ button. Click on it and your campaign will go back to being public.


If you have any queries regarding this feature, please write in to us at

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