Increase your T-Shirt sales with Facebook Re-targeting

My Dream Store is going to help you track behaviour of visitors to the campaign URL page selling your T-Shirt.  For this, we will teach you how to use Facebook ad re-targeting through pixels. This is an extremely useful advertising tool our team uses to advertise persistently to the audience which has showed interest in any of our products but not purchased it yet.

What exactly is Facebook Re-targeting?

Re-targeting is the practice wherein sellers like you can show the ads of their products to users who have previously visited their website. You’ve probably noticed ads on the web before, where after leaving an e-commerce site, you only see the products that you either checked out or almost bought. These ads serve as a constant reminder to you and you may actually end up clicking on one of those ads and buy the products.

It’s a powerful form of online display advertising, because you are targeting people who have already shown an interest in your T-Shirt.

Why use Facebook re-targeting?

This might be the new last step in advertising. You try and entice all your potential buyers. You send emailers, you pay for ads to get them to visit your campaign and see your products. What if a very interested buyer clicks on the ad and then comes to your campaign URL, looks at your t-shirts and then they leave it. What happens when they leave and don’t buy?

They are just GONE.

By using Facebook re-targeting ads, you get another chance to turn that visitor into a paid customer. Plus, because you already attracted them once to your campaign URL, you know what they are interested in and can more easily create ads that speak to their needs. This creates more engagement, more likes, higher conversion rates, and more sales.

What Results Should I Expect?

The CTR of re-targeted ads are at least double that of regular ads and with some brands and certain products the conversion rate can go up as high as 20% from that of 2% of regular ads.

Learn how to do Facebook Targeting with these easy to follow steps!

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