Learn How to use Facebook Re-targeting

Now that you know what Facebook re-targeting is, get started on creating the pixel and making your new ad! Here, we have recounted the steps it takes to connect your Facebook custom audience re-targeting. The possibilities of how precisely you can reach people are endless.

The Steps to create your audience and get a pixel ID

  1. Build an audiences list
  • Start by building an audiences list of your website visitors.
  • Go to you Facebook Ad Manager
  • Click on the ‘Create a Custom Audience’ button


  • A lightbox will appear with a variety of options. Choose ‘Website Traffic.’


  • Review and agree to the Terms and Conditions and click on ‘Create.’



  • Place the pixel ID in the box provided on the Facebook Custom Audience Pixel tab within the My Dream Store dashboard.

 How to submit your pixel at the My Dream Store Website


  1. Once you have copied the Pixel ID, please visit the Dashboard within your My Dream Store account and visit the ‘My Campaign’ tab
  2. Choose the campaign you want to create ads for and click on the settings
  3. Then go to the third tab called ‘Facebook Custom Audience Pixel’ and then enter your 15 digit pixel ID which will look like this – 609934812441234
  4. Let your ad reach all visitors who have come to your T-Shirt URL and may have not bought your t-shirts.

     2Create audience

  • Once you’ve generated a pixel and submitted the pixel ID to us, click the Create Audience button and set up your audience.
  • Name your audience and enter an optional description
  • Choose from one of the 4 options to add people to your audience. You can include all of your website visitors, those who visited certain pages and more.





  • Select how long you’d like to capture your Custom Audience pixel for. To include past website traffic, tick the box.
  • Click Create Audience
  • Select OK to finish setting up your remarketing pixel code to start adding people to this audience
  • Your new Custom Audience from your website will now be available in the Audiences tab.

– That’s it. Now all you have to do is create an ad targeting that custom audience you have just created.

    3. Create advert

  • You can access your Custom Audience from your website at any time in the Audiences tab in the Adverts Manager.
  • Choose Create Advert next to the audience(s) you wish to target
  • Select your advertising objective, such as getting clicks to your website or website conversions, and set up the rest of your advert
  • Learn how to create adverts in the adverts create tool.

In case you need more help with Facebook Re-Targeting, please write in to us at info@mydreamstore.in

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