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Zhang Zhou one day had a dream. He dreamt of being a carefree butterfly. He fluttered by, in beautiful gardens. He then woke up to realize it was a dream. The dream left Zhang Zhou all concerned and confused. And he was struck with one question –

Am I Zhang Zhou who dreamt of being a butterfly?


Am I a butterfly who is now dreaming to be Zhang Zhou?

Well, maybe that’s how great philosophers think and they want to be thought of. But, did you ever think the same way? Did a dream ever leave you perturbed, this way?

The culprit behind all this disarray is a fact – that as long as you are dreaming, you don’t have any other perception of reality. The dream is – the plain of reality. All the fears and emotions attached in the dream, are but, real. Only once you wake up, do you realize that it was indeed a dream.

But if it was me, I do not think a dream, as such, will really disturb me. For, if I was gifted a horse I would not count its teeth, but instead, I would saddle up.

So, if I were, for once a butterfly, I would rather flutter by in all the beautiful gardens. Enjoy the weather; fly by rivers and mountains and more. May be try and be, the one featured butterfly of the ripple effect theory. And if I die in the dream or the dream comes to an end, I would just say – “that was a hell of a ride! “

My idea is not against philosophy, but it’s about being the best I can be, where ever I am. Even if it’s a dream, I would rather live it up.

The problem with most of us is, once we cross the teenage – we allow ourselves way too little. We further term this self-imposed restrain-order as Maturity. We are all scared of the repercussions.

What if this is actually a dream? I am sure you would bring all your aspirations to play. May be you would take up to a stage with a huge audience or gift your boss with that one-tight-slap he always deserved. May be you would quit your engineering and join the school of drama. May be you will move out of the house of your inconvincible-tyrant father, and start living on your own. And may be much more.

Really – would you do that, if it’s a dream?

Would you actually, for once, live – in your dream?

My question is, why don’t you permit the dream into your life. Instead of living in the dream – why don’t you allow yourself to live the dream?

Work towards your aspirations and make them true. Quit that living that you never liked and start living a life that you would never quit. There is, but one life – make the best of it. Have fun through the topsy-turvy ride, and finally when you end up, toast to your life and say –“that was hell of a ride.”

We are coming up soon to connect all the dreamers! Stay tuned.

Author – Ms. Kiran Mortha, MDS Team

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