New Tech Update – Create your own Storefront on My Dream Store

Hello Campaigners! We have added another feature to our platform that will help you guys showcase your t-shirts, tank tops, vests and sweatshirts better. If you have several open campaigns on My Dream Store, you can group the similar ones together and showcase and sell them from one place. This brand new feature is a virtual storefront with a unique customisable Display URL which you can set yourself. This kind of storefront link is very useful for advertising similar grouped products as well as for sharing to your social network.

This is akin to having your own store with a unique name, selling products with a similar theme.

How to go about setting your storefront on My Dream Store:

  1. Find our Storefront feature


Once you have logged in on the My Dream Store, click on the dropdown at the top-right corner and click on Storefront.

  1. Create a new Storefront


Click on Create a Storefront and start this procedure.

  1. Customize your Storefront


On this page, you will be able to select campaigns you want in your Storefront and then fill in the Storefront Details. Take care in creating the unique URL. This URL should be relevant to the T-Shirt campaign you are selecting.

  1. Storefront Display URL


Once you have clicked on the Create button, you will be able to visit the Unique Display URL and see your chosen T-Shirts in the same place. You will be able to share as well as advertise all these T-Shirts with this particular URL.


  1. Storefronts in one place


Now all your Storefronts will be stored at one place. Click on each box to be taken to that particular storefront. You can also create more such storefronts!

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