New & Improved Campaign Relaunch Features!

A lot of you have been relaunching your campaigns immediately after its completion. This is a great idea! Relaunching successful campaigns can be a great way to keep your business going, and give your audience more of the products they love! At the same time relaunching un-successful campaigns is actually a great way to give yourself some more time to sell your tees.

Till now at My Dream Store, every time you relaunched your campaign, the counter was reset to 0. However, it has been proven by international merchandise selling platforms that showing the total number of units sold on a design after the relaunch of the campaign will drive more sales. At My Dream Store too we have changed this relaunch feature and now all your earlier sales will also count towards the new relaunched campaign.


From now on, every relaunched campaign will show the total number of products sold on a campaign page, regardless of if the products were sold during the previous round or after the campaign was relaunched; so instead of having sold 20, then relaunching to display 5 sold, your newly relaunched campaign will now show 25 sold instead.

Know more about Relaunching

Your My Dream Store campaigns can easily be relaunched. There are two ways to go about it as explained below.



Relaunch ended campaigns manually from the campaign dashboard by clicking on the 1-click relaunch button next to the closed campaign you want to relaunch.



Once your campaign comes to an end, first relaunch manually and then click on the blue button called ‘Auto Relaunch.’ Once you have manually relaunched a campaign, you will find this setting in that campaign’s settings dashboard. If you want all your campaigns to auto relaunch, you will have to opt-in each time the campaign is manually relaunched.

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