Meet Shaeree Mukherjee, our ‘Campaigner of the Week!’

Meet Shaeree Mukherjee, our Multifaceted ‘Campaigner of the Week;’ Shaeree is a powerhouse of creative energy. She has been a friendly face on our Campaigner Connect group and was always up with an intelligent question. Her need to know and understand everything made her questions a delight to answer. Shaeree has had awesome success and we congratulate her on the 44 T-Shirts she sold on her first attempt and we wish her all the best for the future!

Recently, we spoke to her about her experience with us. Below, we have transcribed the conversation we had with her.

Tell us a little bit more about you!

My name is Shaeree Mukherjee and I am a Journalism & Mass Communication a graduate in. I am a freelance Animator and Graphic Designer from Kolkata. Along with this, I also have a YouTube channel as well as 3 blogs, and I sell stock illustrations and vectors in different sites. And that’s not it. Another thing I have started doing recently is actively campaigning in My Dream Store. In short, Creativity is my passion and I am drawn towards everything related to painting and digital art.

In my spare time, I like to watch movies, my favorite TV serials, and play candy crush. I listen to music all the time.

Why did you decide to design a t-shirt?

I think it’s a great feeling to see others wear my creations. This thought motivated me to start designing T-Shirts and let me tell you, it feels awesome when I see people wearing t-shirts with my designs on them. This keeps me motivated to design more and more T-Shirts.

What are your t-shirts about?


I create designs based on different hobbies and passions and combine them with short interesting quotes. I have launched campaigns with designs based on photography, music, sports, entertainment and others.

How did you first hear about us?

In order to design my own T-Shirts, I was looking for a platform exactly like this. I Googled for an Indian website that sells customized T-shirts and that’s when I came across My Dream store.

What was launching your first campaign like?

It was interesting and super easy.  My Dream Store is a very user friendly website.  And I have to say that my experience with My Dream store has been very good so far.


What is the #1 thing that you wished My Dream Store would offer but it doesn’t.

There is one thing I wish My Dream Store should offer. When someone relaunches an unsuccessful campaign, the number of products sold previously should be carried forward.

(You asked for it and we’ve launched it. Check it out here !)

What’s been the hardest part about selling with My Dream Store? What could we do to make your life easier?

 As a designer I am always promoting my campaigns but I feel that at the same time My Dream store should promote our campaigns on their own. This would make selling easier for us designers.

(We are listening!)

How did you promote your t-shirt?

I promoted my campaigns through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and my own blogs. I created a Facebook page and a Facebook group to promote my campaigns.

Did you communicate with our customer support team in the process? How was the experience?

I have communicated with the My Dream Store customer support team several times, they are very responsive and helpful.

What’s the best piece of advice you could give someone just starting out?

For a newbie campaigner, I would suggest to keep the designs simple and 100% original and avoid any sort of copyrighted logos!

What’s been the best part of your success on My Dream Store?

This is actually a long list. The best parts have been creating designs for t-shirts, seeing people wearing them, making money and being the campaigner of the week  😀

Will you do this again?

Of course I would 🙂

What will your next design be about?

I am currently working on some designs with vintage art and typography. I will soon be launching some campaigns with those designs.

Remember readers, if your first campaign doesn’t work out at first the way you hoped, DO NOT give up. Reach out to us and learn how to promote more. Try and try till you succeed. Someday, you will be a top performer and we will be hailing you as the Campaigner of the Week.

See you guys again next week. Till then, keep campaigning!

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