Jab we met Lazy Ninja

At My Dream Store, we are a bit crazy about T-Shirts. We eat, sleep and dream T-Shirts. All over our minds, our hearts and our offices, you will just find more and more T-Shirts – Dreams of T-Shirts, designs of T-Shirts, and of course actual T-Shirt samples of all sizes and colours. So we were a bit taken aback when we met the Lazy Ninja.

Here were another group of young entrepreneurs (Check), who had a dream filled with T-Shirts (Check), who ate, slept and dreamt T-Shirts (Check) – It was almost like meeting our long-lost twin.  🙂

We spent a lot of our first meeting swapping crazy Tirupur stories and marveling at the passion of our young customer base without whom, we would be nothing.

With core values and passion at such an even match, it made complete sense to join hands. We would like to extend a warm, hearty welcome to Lazy Ninja – India’s coolest T-Shirt brand.  We also welcome all you readers, to visit our exclusive Lazy Ninja Store on My Dream Store and choose your favourite T-Shirt and hoodies!!

Happy Shopping!

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