PARIKRAMA – heavy meNtal rock Band

*Well this life get any better
Oh yesterday’s day and today’s
How I thought the sun would shine tomorrow
But it rained…

When they screamed few years back, we fell in love with the band. We were very excited when we got chance to design a t-shirt for PARIKRAMA, so we wanted to make something that would reflect what PARIKRAMA actually is, we wanted to make something for the millions of followers of PARIKRAMA out there, something they would fall into love with, at the first sight .

With the motto to celebrate the undying spirit of ‘heavy meNtal rock’ we’ve designed these tees specially for the 23rd anniversary of the biggest, the craziest and the awesome-est rock band from India – PARIKRAMA.

The concept and Idea in our designer (Garima) words, the team silhouette at top of digit 2 representing the band members taken from one of their shoots. The whole design in front altogether represents the number 23. It was doodled from the scratch. There are many activities going on along the design : On side of digit 3 some papers are flying, a stair running across the gramophone, at the bottom of the design people are drowning and still enjoying the music…etc that can be revealed by going through the entire design.

Pari1 Pari2 Pari4 Pari6 Pari7

The idea was to represent what PARIKRAMA have created so far in terms of love for the MUSIC, madness for ROCK and LOVE for the band in souls for their followers and people who enjoy music.
The moment, PARIKRAMA team finalized the design and shared a word to its fans, the tees went out in no time. We were amazed with the responses we’ve got. We did get few responses from Australia & New Zealand for these tees. It shows the global fan presence of the band. So far it has been the fastest successful campaign since inception of My Dream Store and we wish to PARIKRAMA and the team a happy anniversary and keep rocking for the years to come.
In case you missed to purchase this, here is the final chance – Don’t dare to miss it 🙂
Signing off,
Team MDS
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