Learn how to manage your Storefront

You have a storefront and you are using it to group similar open campaigns together and showcase and sell them from one place.

You can now make some changes to it. You can now edit your campaign – add new active campaigns or remove some campaigns. You can also change the name of the campaign. However, the campaign URL will stay the same as you set it earlier.

How to go about editing your storefront on My Dream Store:

1. Visit your Storefront from the My Account drop-down

Screenshot_12. Click on ‘Edit’ link on each of the storefront


3. Select or deselect any campaigns from the list of all active campaigns. Choose the campaigns that you want to showcase on your storefront.



4. Please note that while you can’t change the URL name of the storefront, you can always change the name of the store if you want. In this example, the store name has changed from ‘mycreatives’ to ‘MyNewCreatives.’


Come and experiment with the storefront. What say, guys?

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