8 ways a motorcycle changes your life!

You have bought yourself a brand new motorcycle. You have now entered an exciting new world of riding jackets, LS2 helmets and gloves. You have modified your bike for off-roading and you are now ready! But do you know these things about becoming a biker.

1. Your friends come closer

You just bough your first bike, and now your friends are going to want in on the action too. No, not by going out and buying their own, but using your new pride and joy.


Most are just going to want to pose for a new Facebook profile picture on it, but some are going to swear riding competency and want to take it around the colony.


Don’t let them, they’ll inevitably return holding only a part of the handlebars and a story about how it’s not their fault.


2. Animals love you

Every Indian city dweller know the cow or buffalo herd that come on for a stroll bringing all traffic to a stand-still. A biker has to know how to thread your own way through the cattle herd.


And as soon as you are on the highway you have to swerve to make sure that you don’t hit the cow that is standing at the median, enjoying the wind tunnel created by the speeding cars.


And then there are dogs. Every biker knows that dogs will chase you and hunt you down.

3. You know weather better than all others!

Forget the TV weatherman, you’re going to develop a better ability to read weather radar maps, cloud formations and wind patterns than anyone with an actual degree in the field. And that’s because the weather is now absolutely critical to your day-to-day life.


Can you make it home from work before the rain starts? If so, what’s your latest time of departure, chosen route and necessary average speed to make that possible?


Is the rain today going to be light, meaning you can get away with your regular leather jacket or will it be heavy and then you will have to break out your special suit. Whatever, you just Run!

4.  Always taking the long scenic route


Before you had a motorcycle, you always tried to find the quickest and most direct way to get around. It was efficient and practical to do so. Now that you have a bike, you’ll be willing to go 20-30 Kms out of your way to visit a store or restaurant that has the same stuff as the one in your neighbourhood.

5. Conquering the Roads

The Roads got their new King! Remember your Excite Bike and Road Rash days- you know how to get over those sky high speed breakers..


and storm through those crazy rush hours!

6. The Nod and Wave routine

Other riders will come close to your bike and nod at you in Harley solidarity and Bullet camaraderie.


Some lesser mortals will point and stare at your bikes and some will be green with envy. Get ready to be asked how many rides you have done?

7. Evading the cops

No Helmet, No licence, No documents and a Cop few hundred metres front of you? That’s the most worrying moment for any biker. You will always try to find innovative ways, reasons to evade the cops and the fines.

You got no way to escape? Just throw your bike up into another lane!


Some dudes even go ahead and start giving high fives to the cops


8. Night Rider Mode

Riding motorcycle during the nights is always a fun. Hell Yeah even the Batman does it!


Be it with your girl or be it with your friends. The chills and thrills are all your yours. “Don’t worry if you are single, at least you will develop skill to slow down the time!


Put your gear and disappear into the darkness. Because you are the vigilante, the hero, not the one the roads need, but the one your bike deserves! The DARK K’NIGHT’!


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