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Yes! The month of Manliness is here! The No Shave Month of November!

What is it actually ? 

No shave November is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as depression in men, prostate cancer and other male cancers.

The idea originated as Movember in a small pub at Adelaide, South Australia where a small group of people decided to grow moustaches for charity throughout the month of November.In the USA, a non profit ‘No Shave November’ was founded in November 2009 with a similar objective. With the advent of social media, it soon spread like a wildfire and now stands as an international phenomenon.

Today around 21 countries participate in this event post which the money saved by avoiding shaving and grooming is donated towards causes like cancer prevention, saving lives of cancer stricken and aiding those fighting the battle.

What do you have to do with it?

‘’No Shave November’’ being a trend amongst the young folks is the latest big thing! Social media is set on fire with posts of people flaunting their beards with hashtags #noshavenovember #noshavenovember2016 #movember trending on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.



For merchandise marketers, this month is the right time to cater the ‘beard’ niche with huge number of people looking for products with beard related designs.

Pick your favorite product and  adorn them with beard designs and clever slogans to create your set of themed products right now!

Here are few sample designs that you can refer too with targeting help!

3 plain TEE FB copy

While setting up your Facebook ads, you can add websites, pages related to beard, men’s grooming, grooming products in the interests and reach out to your potential buyers. Here is one sample targeting approach.

Beard Image

Reach out to us if you have any doubts associated with designs, targeting of beard niche.

Happy Campaigning!

The following article consists of information about,

  • Editing Campaign Title and Description.
  • Goal Drop Feature.
  • Closing the Campaign feature.
  • Private Campaign feature.

Editing Campaign Title and Description:

Once a campaign is launched, Sellers do have an extensive option to Edit the Campaign title and description.

How to Edit Campaign Title and Description?

Step 1: Login into your MyDreamStore’s account.  Go to Campaigner dashboard and scroll down to the required campaign for which title and description has to be changed.

Step 2: Click on the “Edit Campaign” option (Please see the image below)


Step 3: Now, a pop up window with the current campaign title and description appears. Key-in the new campaign title and description. Once done, click “Save changes” to update your campaign details. (Please see the image below)



Goal Drop Feature:

What is Goal Drop?

Goal drop is a feature in which the goal quantity of the concerned campaign can be reduced by the campaigner.

When is Goal Drop useful?

A situation in which you set your goal high and not able to attain the minimum goal in a given span of time goal drop feature can be implemented.

Note: A Campaign has to reach the minimum goal for it to be considered successful. If the campaign doesn’t reach minimum goal, the orders of the campaign will be cancelled and the money will be refunded back to buyers (In case of prepaid orders only). Goal dropping can only be used if the goal is high. It is highly recommended to keep your goal quantity as five while launching the campaign.

Note: Goal will not be dropped less than 5.

How to Goal Drop?

Step 1: Login to MyDreamStore’s account. Switch to Campaigner dashboard.

Step 2: Click on “Campaign Settings “of the particular campaign for which the goal is to be dropped. (Please refer the image below)


Step 3: You are in the “Campaign Settings” page now. Click on “Request Goal Drop” tab. (Please refer the image below)


Step 4: Enter the new goal quantity and click “Send Request” to drop the goal. (Please refer the image below)


Note: Minimum goal should be 5.

Step 5: You can note that the goal quantity of the concerned campaign is dropped to 5 from 50. (Please refer the image below)



Closing the Campaign:

What is closing the campaign feature?

Closing the campaign feature can be used to close the particular campaign.

Note: This feature can be implemented only if your campaign doesn’t have any sales.

How to use Close the Campaign feature?

Step 1: Login to MyDreamStore’s account. Switch to Campaigner dashboard.

Step 2: Click on “Campaign settings “of the particular campaign for which is to be closed. (Please refer the image below)


Step 3: You are on the “Campaign settings” page now. Click on “Close Campaign” tab. (Please refer the image below)


Step 4: Enter “Close” in the text box and click on “Close My Campaign” button. (Please refer the image below).


The Concerned campaign has been closed now.


Private Campaign feature:

What is Private Campaign Feature?

Private Campaigns are those campaigns that are hidden from My Dream Store’s Active campaigns page. They will also be hidden from search results and will not appear on Google, Bing or any other Search Engines.

Why Private Campaign?

Private Campaign can be accessed only by the audience who see your ads or potential buyers who have link to access it. Hence it will help you in preventing your design falling into wrong hands and avoid imitation designs.

How to make Campaign Private?

Step 1: Login to MyDreamStore’s account. Switch to Campaigner dashboard.

Step 2: Click on “Campaign settings “of the particular campaign for which is to be made Private. (Please refer the image below).


Step 3: You are on the “Campaign settings” page now. Select “Private Campaign” tab and click on “Make Campaign Private” to make the Campaign private. (Please refer the image below).


  • Once a campaign is made private, relaunched campaigns of the parent campaign will be private as well.

One Click Private Campaign:

We do have an extensive option to make all your campaigns private. To make all campaigns private, follow the procedures below,

Step 1: Login to MyDreamStore account. Click on “My Account” drop down list box. Click on “Profile Settings”.


Step 2: Click on “Campaign Settings” option.


Step 3: In “Campaign settings” page, Click on “Make all my Campaigns Private” to make all your campaigns private.


What is a Store-Front?

Store front is a collection of your products (Campaigns) under a single roof. In other words it’s a micro site to organize several of your products under a unique URL.

This will help you in promoting multiple products for a specific niche or can be used as an online store for your designs, products.

How to create a Store-Front?

Step 1: Login into your My Dream Store account.  Click on “My Account” and then “Store-Fronts. (Please refer the image below)


Step 2: Now, you are in the page of “Store-fronts”. Click on “Create-Storefront”. (Please refer the image below)


Step 3: You are redirected to creation page.  Type in the name for your store front, required URL name and select the products you wish to add under this storefront.  Once done, click on ‘Create’ button (Please refer the image below)


Note: There should be minimum of 3-campaigns to create/organize a store-front.

Step 4:  Now, your storefront is ready. Make it more attractive by adding a cover picture that reflects the theme of your storefront or your brand (Please see the image below)



Please have a look how a campaigner has used Storefront feature to organize his products under single URL and promote them to Civil Engineering niche.



Truth Revealed!

Over the past few days we have been reading your comments regarding dispatch and post dispatch issues for the orders. There has been constant voice around transparency of status updates. There are two kinds of issues broadly

  1. Dispatch pending from My Dream Store
  2. Product Dispatched by My Dream Store but not delivered to customer

Dispatch pending from My Dream Store

We have dispatched all the orders pending from our side.  We had some maroon color hoodies that were pending till day before yesterday which are also cleared as of now. As on 24/10/16 the report of orders that are not dispatched from our side are 667.

So why is campaign report showing Not Dispatched ?

We recently made the campaign status report live which contains each order status. There were two issues which are being addressed.  The first issue being Campaign status is being shown as dispatched where as all products are not yet dispatched. To avoid confusion we removed campaign status and we are showing only order status and fixing issue one. To give a background of second issue, when we send a shipment out there are 150 service codes which logistics companies return back like ( in transit, out for delivery, pick up incomplete, manifested ) etc. We need to map these codes back to simple statuses. There were some issues with this tracking system hence we still declared product in beta. We are working closely with our logistics partner to fix this technical issue. The tentative date for fixing this is 31/10/16.

Product Dispatched by My Dream Store but not delivered to customer

Like we mentioned above the tracking system in tech is broken. We do a direct deep integration to our logistics partners.  We are figuring out the issue and we are hopeful to fix it by the weekend.  Regarding service issues our logistics team is coordinating on a daily basis to follow up on thousands of shipments, interacting with consumers and logistics partners and ensuring delivery happen.

I want to know more tell me….

Why is My Dream Store not fighting with courier companies ?

  • In Fact we are fighting with them each day. We just got our COD handling charges down. We are working on returns and tracking all the 150 NSL codes each day and finding resolutions. We got down our return rate to under 20% which is one of the lowest numbers in Industry. The avg number of attempts we are doing for delivering each product is 5. In some cases we have even done 8-9 attempts. We are a small brand fighting these logistics tycoons, there are hardly any options than Fedex, Ecom Express and Delhivery. So we choose to improve whom we work with . Fix our systems and deliver best results. The situation is improving continually and Indian logistics looks bright in the next 3 years.
Courier company Delivery service for prepaid Delivery service for CoD Technology quality Service levels Price
FedEx Awesome Bad Good Good Normal
DTDC Bad NA Avg Bad Low
Delhivery Good Good Good Good Normal
Ecom Express Bad Good Bad Good High
Bluedart Awesome Bad Good Good High
First Flight Bad Bad Bad Bad Low

How do we trust your data ?

We deal with thousands of orders each day and there is a lot of deep technology integration with various departments, vendors, sellers and consumers. We do not indulge in any manual updation of database entries as it would corrupt the data even for our own use.  We respect the value of your data. We believe that understanding the inefficiencies and appreciating your candid inputs will help us grow this company more valuable.  We have thousands of technology jobs running around the system as of now. Even after rigorous testing there might be some unforeseen use cases or sometimes our third party dependencies break down. We as engineers understand that breaking is a part of making things happen. We are proud of the journey we had with you so far and we want to be equally proud in the future. Hence we do not engage in any such practices that provide short term benefits.

Each time My Dream Store is giving answers but are you serious about fixing things ?

We are core team of engineers.  Like Peter Thiel says we believe in doing things 10x better than others. For some of you who know, to print a T-shirt involves as many as 15 small jobs.  This looks extremely simple but intensely compound when we scale. We do a lot of optimizations day in day out to squeeze out lead time, wastage and hundreds of challenges around it.  The problem becomes even more interesting with the floating inventory, multiple suppliers and the payouts model.  We have been building this product with passion for 18 months and we are still perfecting it and the hunger to make it better is equally there as it was then. We do not see our product as sub standard compared to the American products. Indian market poses its own set of challenges like cash on delivery we try to do the best we can.

Ufff! creating the best designs, using the Fb pixel, boosting ads, finding the target audience, making good conversions, retention schemes etc etc etc have been the buzz words all this while!! Agree??

Besides designing and marketing, we’ve been exploring other avenues to bring in sales and tried the idea of adding a fashion sense to the looks.

How differently could one wear a TEE and make a style statement of oneself, how to both don a superhero tee and yet look chic, how could one wear one’s favourite music band and also get a few heads turned.

Let’s take a sneak-peek into how to chic-ify these looks!

Feel the heat on your shoulders!

Nothing says vacation ready like the white off the shoulder top and get ready to feel the sun on your shoulders!

Black is the new trend!

Bold is Beautiful! Which is your signature all-black clothing?

 Shopping Bee

THE Shopaholic..!!


It’s not an addiction. It’s an experience.

Mini’s and Neons

A flash of fluorescent is all you need to spice it up.

Pull off the Geek Chic Trend

Incorporating geek chic elements into your ensemble would make this librarian-esque look easy to rock.

THE Badass me!

WHY SHALL BOYS HAVE ALL THE FUN! Call it SWAG, call it attitude, ready to pull it off with style.


‘’Let’s go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday’’

                                                                                                                          – Steve Jobs

In an attempt to give a better tomorrow to our campaigners we at MDS are continuously working towards building a sustainable technology. As we started scaling, we  realized some challenges with the existing Payout system which we wished to solve:

– Earlier the campaign hit payout only when all the products are delivered/ returned. We call it as a campaign level settlement. Being a campaign level settlement, even if a single order wouldn’t get delivered (due to buyer unavailability/ transit issues) payouts would be on hold causing delayed payouts. Eg : Campaign got successful & 121 products are sold, 110 delivered, 9 returned, 2 are still in transit even after 10 days. Sometimes logistics cause issues like these.- Campaigners willing to start new campaigns couldn’t start off due to lack of funds caused by delayed payouts.

We figured out that this kind of payout settlement of your payouts was barring you from receiving your deserved profits on time. Hence, we have created an all new payout system which takes care of all the above challenges and many more additional benefits.

– It’s an order level settlement. Now you are paid on weekly basis for the products that are delivered till certain point of time.

– It’s a weekly cycle and hence campaigners will always have enough funds to start new campaigns.

Following is a detailed view of how the changes look like.


Each of your campaign block now contains a ‘’Campaign ID’’ which should be used as a reference number for that particular campaign while inquiring about that campaign with us.


On clicking on your campaign block you will now see the options as shown below. You will now be able to download a detailed ‘’Campaign Report’’ which will help you track payouts at an order level.

Payout 1 final


a) Payout Earned: Total payout you have earned from the campaign

=(Products delivered*Profit per product-affiliate charges)-TDS

b) Affiliate Charges: It’s the amount that goes to your affiliate from your profit for every sales from the affiliate link provided, the affiliate link is enabled.

For Eg : Say, Base Price and Selling Price of the product is 300 and 500 respectively. Therefore profit per product is 200. Lets consider you sold 5 products out of which 2 were sold through affiliate link. Now, your profits would look as follows:

Payout 2

c) Payout Paid: Amount paid to you as payout out of the total amount earned.

d) Campaign status: .Your campaign  can be any of the following stage: Ordered, Production, Started, Printing, Dispatched, In Transit, Delivered.

e) Campaign Report: Your ‘’Campaign Report’’ will be an excel sheet and will contain multiple parameters which can help you understand the demographics, purchase behavior of your buyers better. This will also bring in transparency.

It also has payout date – which represents when the payout for that particular order has been processed by us. You can estimate the payout amount you would be getting which will help you plan your marketing budget for future campaigns.

How to use the Campaigner Report:

This ‘’Campaigner Report’’ will be providing you with lot of other important data that will help you improve your targeting and shoot up your sales.

– Information about Product, Color, Size, and Quantity will help you analyze which product is in demand and what you should feature in your Ad banner while promoting the campaign.

-Purchase Date will help you analyze the days when the purchase activity is high and hence start you Ad campaigns accordingly.

-The State and City will help you figure out your location targeting.


With this update we are moving into an order level payout system. Your payout will be rolled out on the same day of every week.

Say, if you received your first payout under this system on a Monday, you would be receiving your payouts on Mondays of every week. A particular payout will contain the profits you earned from the products that got delivered since the last payout till that particular payout. You can get the payout of a product 8 days after the delivery of the product.

This feature is currently in its beta version and hence you may contact us in case of any issues. For further clarification regarding any feature feel free to contact me at .



Jaishri (1)


Jaishri is one of the most inspiring women entrepreneurs on My Dream Store! She started her entrepreneurial journey with MDS in the month of February and has sold around 1400 products on My Dream Store.

She has been a keen learner throughout and is perfecting her art of marketing with each day. We are proud to share her inspiring story today.

(Q) Tell us a little bit more about you

I am Jaishri Panjwani. Along with being a house wife I am a budding entrepreneur with big dreams.

(Q) How did you come to know about My Dream Store?

I started my journey as an entrepreneur with Freecultr and Freshmonk. While working with them Swati ,who works with MDS came across my facebook page and Introduced me to MDS.  I visited their website and found My Dream Store quite interesting. That’s it! There was no looking back from there :).

(Q) Why did you decide to launch a t-shirt campaign?

Since the very beginning I had  a good understanding of Photoshop and illustrator and so I thought of utilising this designing knowledge of mine on MDS as a designer. Soon I gained knowledge about facebook Ads and this combination of a marketer and designer worked wonders for me. Mds is a great platform to make money online.

(Q) How did you promote your t-shirt?

I promoted my designs solely through Facebook Ads. In my opinion that’s the best way to reach out to your target audience and sell well.

(Q) How was your experience with My Dream Store?d6b0074f2cfad8ebced213ced7b8b6972566369a28e4dc62f127171ba7a3adff

Being a beginner in the field of designing, I wasn’t sure which design would be appreciated. Moreover I was skeptical about the campaign promotion and marketing. MDS support team had a great contribution in assisting and helping me to understand the digital marketing strategies and implementation of the same.

(Q) If you have sold earlier on other platforms what is the difference you have felt with selling on My Dream Store?

Previously I have launched campaigns on freecultr and Freshmonk. The striking difference that helps MDS stand out is its super co-operative support team .They make sure all queries are timely answered and help the campaigners in all possible ways.

(Q) What are the things that you like about My Dream Store ?

MDS has a wide range of products which impresses me! But the best part of MDS Team would still be its support team without whom I would not be able to crack so many campaigns successfully!

(Q) What advice do you give to fellow campaigners?

It is very important to be sure that what you are designing will sell. Don’t fall in love with your design. You design might be appealing to you visually but might not be selling. In such cases the smartest thing to do would be to stop the Ads within 2-3 days. There is no point in wasting money and time over an irrelevant design.

(Q) What are your future plans (General / plans with MDS)

I am looking forward to creating more designs and becoming more successful at MDS.

Inspired by Jaishri’s story?  Want to get featured in upcoming Campaigner Chronicles? Connect with us, go through My Dream Store University to master the art of t-shirt selling. Test your campaigns see what works and what doesn’t. Never ever give up!

See you until next time. Happy campaigning!

Ayush Srivastava

Ayush, a Programmer Analyst by profession is a passionate designer and a star campaigner at My Dream Store.

Credits to his sheer hard work and marketing skills that helped him become a successful campaigner within no time.The Dream Team interacted with Ayush and his dedication towards campaigning is just too inspiring.

Recently, we spoke to him about his experience with us. Below, we have transcribed the conversation we had with him.

(Q) Tell us a little bit more about you.

Hi, I’m Ayush Srivastava. Currently, I’m working in an IT firm.Design of objects is something that pulls me and if an idea or cause is the cornerstone of that design, nothings better. Love to explore the different design and artistic works of different fields be it in automobile, daily consumer products, apparel and even in food and beverages.

(Q) How did you come to know about My Dream Store.ada0d57c3e04b9847278f3391e752826305aa8f441b6aa964e7e9c972f5be392

Internet only and no outside source. Actually, I was surfing and going through articles on t-shirt designing, then on Quora I found an answer about My Dream Store.

(Q) Why did you decide to launch a t-shirt campaign.

Well it’s a long story. As I told you how I’m mesmerized by the design aspect of anything, few years back also I kept thinking and planning about my own brand and designs of t-shirt or apparels but wasn’t aware of any platform. Fortunate enough that I found MDS and was able put my ideas into reality. 

(Q) How did you promote your t-shirt.

Initially tried everything but now only through Facebook ads and a little mouth publicity in my friend circle. That’s it!

(Q) How was your experience with My Dream Store.

Only one word for this, Fantabulous. Never knew something of such sort is present.

(Q) If you have sold earlier on other platforms what is the difference you have felt with selling on My Dream Store ?

Nope, but I know the difference which is that MDS is way ahead in this game compared to other platforms of same business model.

(Q) What are the things that you like about My Dream Store ?


Ayush with MDS BD Team

Simplicity of the website, step by step guidance in My Dream store university, amazing support from MDS team irrespective of the time and day (but that doesn’t mean you call them at 2 am in the morning.) and always getting in touch with the campaigners to solve their issues right away. Last but not the least top notch product quality.

(Q) What advice do you give to fellow campaigners? 

All Campaigners just believe in yourself even if you are a novice. Everyone starts with a zero. You fail in everything almost every time but to succeed the only thing you do is persevere and don’t stop. So the same applies here. Always remember “A defeated general is better than victorious one”. Don’t take it as vague motivational quote because it’s true.

(Q) What are your future plans (General / plans with MDS).

To ditch my nagging GF cheating on me in parallel universe. Kidding! I can’t stop the urge of designing and launching campaigns. So I’ll try to keep up and be more aggressive with the design and selling process and expect MDS to increase it’s pace too with dispatch and delivery.

Inspired by Ayush’s story?  Want to get featured in upcoming Campaigner Chronicles? Connect with us, go through My Dream Store University to master the art of t-shirt selling. Test your campaigns see what works and what doesn’t. Never ever give up!

See you until next time. Happy campaigning!



Radheram (1)

Meet Radhe Ram, a super enthusiastic campaigner at MDS. He campaigning journey started way back in 2015 and he has been a very active campaigner since then. Radhe is a Mechanical Design Engineer currently located at Singapore. 

Recently, we spoke to him about his experience with us. Below, we have transcribed the conversation we had with him.

Q) Tell us a little bit more about you

Hi myself Radhe. I am working as a Mechanical Design Engineer in Singapore.e1f7a21e5b471b434a71b9522d2a745d52f95b4052538940ff01d7b1d1c5bf90

Q) How did you come to know about My Dream Store

All credits to my friend Sachin Raj for introducing me to this platform.

Q) Why did you decide to launch a t-shirt campaign

I saw many campaigners and my friends doing very good at MDS .So I also decided  to try it out.

Q) How did you promote your t-shirt

Facebook Ads helped me the most in promoting my Tee. I would like to thank Nikhil and Sumanth from the MDS team for assisting me patiently throughout.

Q) How was your experience with My Dream Store?

It has been an awesome experience till date. I feel proud to be a campaigner at MDS.

Q) If you have sold earlier on other platforms what is the difference you have felt with selling on My Dream Store ?

The Major plus with MDS is its team members. They are extremely cooperative and helpful.

Q) What are the things that you like about My Dream Store ?

I think it’s a good and easy platform to start your own business,earn money and fulfill your dreams.

Q)  What advice do you give to fellow campaigners?

Be patience and never give up. At first selling wouldn’t be wasn’t easy for me too but I tried hard.My “never give up’’ attitude helped me achieve success.

Q) What are your future plans (General / plans with MDS)

I wish to continue being a part of MDS.

Q) What new products/features would you like to see on MDS platform?

I would love to see Polo-Tees and Jackets in the product line. And most importantly to make buyers happy delivery has to be done on time.

Inspired by Radhe Ram’s story?  Want to get featured in upcoming Campaigner Chronicles? Connect with us, go through My Dream Store University to master the art of t-shirt selling. Test your campaigns see what works and what doesn’t. Never ever give up!

See you until next time. Happy campaigning!


Meet Meenakshi Bajaj, a super enthusiastic campaigner at MDS. She was a new entrant to the campaigner family last month and now is one of the top selling campaigners. Meenakshi is budding entrepreneur and a perfect amalgamation of a good designer and marketer. 

Recently, we spoke to her about her experience with us. Below, we have transcribed the conversation we had with her.

Q) Tell us a little bit more about you

A little introvert yet more inquisitive by nature, love to seek new & emerging entrepreneurial opportunities in the current market scenarios and try my hand at those! Loves Technology, Nature & Travel!

New ideas and ventures fascinate & foster me to take risks and challenges that may come my way.

Q) How did you come to know about My Dream Store

A friend of mine mentioned about this amazing platform and it totally fascinated me to try my luck with this kind of out of the box venture!

Q) Why did you decide to launch a t-shirt campaign

Like I mentioned, new ideas fascinate me, so I decided to kick off with the most prominent selling product i.e. the T-Shirt. Hence, I rolled out with this T-shirt Campaign at first.

Q) How did you promote your t-shirt

One of the most effectively used Promotional Platforms, Facebook had a great role in my promotional work. I also tried the Twitter Network a little to target the related audience! One thing to mention, If you choose a distinct niche and then target the RIGHT/ACTUAL AUDIENCE with precise narrowing, surely you will observe the rising sales for your Campaign.

Q) How was your experience with My Dream Store

It has almost been a month since the time I associated with the MDS Campaigner family and interestingly the journey so far has been amazingly over-whelming. Beginning from signing up with MDS to the starting of first Campaign and all the roundabouts related to the Campaign to the final checkout of submitting the first design, following these steps have been as easy as ABC. The 24*7 support team of MDS has helped me immensely in catering to my concerns. My experience with MDS so far has been quite fruitful.e26704297dfd2efb5a0a093448cd7d9da095bada0edd77b9904eaa5b1e1ceaa1

Q) If you have sold earlier on other platforms what is the difference you have felt with selling on My Dream Store ?

MDS has been my first venture to where I have tried selling.

Q) What are the things that you like about My Dream Store ?

  1. The most responsive and helpful support team of MDS.
  2. MDS Platform is easy to comprehend because of the simple UI.
  3. The after-signup support in form of MDSU Sales Boot Camp Sessions are very helpful for the starters.
  4. The introduction of Analytics Dashboard for measuring Sales/Earnings is very useful for Campaigners.


Q) What advice do you give to fellow campaigners?

A simple advice, If you have a distinct niche in mind, If you have found the most targeted audience for your design, don’t fear the risk of failure! Sow your seeds of first venture today for you will reap your success tomorrow! Surely.

Q) What are your future plans (General / plans with MDS)

MDS has been very supportive throughout my interactions.The platform is really amazing,beneficial and helping me to emerge as an Entrepreneur with zero risk. I totally look forth to stay associated with MDS and grow my entrepreneurial base until a long run.

Q) What new products/features would you like to see on MDS platform?

Some of which I would like to throw some light on:

  1. The interests list can be expanded to include varied and umpteen interests in order to cater to most of the niches.
  2. Search Tool can be optimized to ensure more broader searching by matching the search keywords with not only the Campaign Name but also the Campaign Description.

     3.The buying experience can be made a little more easier and more direct for the Buyers.

Inspired by Meenakshi’s story?  Want to get featured in upcoming Campaigner Chronicles? Connect with us, go through My Dream Store University to master the art of t-shirt selling. Test your campaigns see what works and what doesn’t. Never ever give up!

See you until next time. Happy campaigning!