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Meet Shyam Kaushik. He is one of our top campaigners. He is currently pursuing engineering in NIT Silchar. His relationship with us began last year and it’s still going strong. His campaigns with us have all been NIT related. From then to now – Shyam has sold about 1200 t-shirts. Not all of his campaigns were always successful, but he soon learnt the ways of internet marketing and became adept at it. In fact, till date he has raised about Rs. 1.8 Lakhs from all his campaigns on

He was also the biggest winner of the recently concluded Clash of Titans – And he won the mega prize of Rs. 1 Lakh!

Recently, we spoke to him about his experience with us. The conversation has been transcribed below.

All of you reading the My Dream Store blog will know that we held the Clash of Titans contest in the Month of April. In about 20 days, over 700 campaigns have been launched from all over the country. Everyone from Students to Entrepreneurs, from NGOs to Marketing Enthusiasts, from Facebook pages to Hobby clubs have participated and won! Thank you for all your efforts!

For us too in the My Dream Store HQ, it was a super fun and busy time for each and every team. Our designers worked hard to give the contest a different flavour by creating a special theme with doodles and quirky characters. Our young account managers have been reaching out to you to help you launch your campaigns. We have been communicating with you on all forums and loving it! We hope to continue this relationship.

And now without further ado, Here are the winners! Congratulations everyone!!

Graphic design has a learning curve and we would like to help you get better with some tips and tricks. Here are 5 basic rules to keep in mind.

1. Use contrast to make your designs pop

Juxtaposing contrasting elements in your design will help it stand out. Use contrasting colours for the background and the foreground. A simple rule is that on a lighter coloured background you should use darker fonts and vice-versa.

 2. Choose your fonts with care

Follow the same rule while choosing the fonts for a particular design. Use contrasting fonts for the heading and the subtitle or body. You could pick a font that is grand for the heading, and choose for the subtitle and body, simpler fonts. Make sure the fonts you choose are easy to read!

 3. Pick a colour scheme

Just like you’ve now chosen a font palette, you’ll also want to pick a colour scheme. Start with 2-3 main colours and usually the tool you are using will suggest the rest of the palette.

 4. No naked images

Use appropriate images in your designs to help it stand out. However, if you choose to simply place the images on the background, it will not be as appealing as if you place it within a frame. This is a simple trick which will give your design a professional edge.

5. Keep it simple

Lastly remember, a cluttered design is will overwhelm the senses and not appeal to the viewer. Use every design element frugally and keep the number of fonts, colours, shapes and frames to a minimum.

Click on this link to check out free design resources from all over the Internet!


At My Dream Store we are always eager to connect with our fun potential campaigners. We are super pleased to launch our first hangout session on April 3rd, Friday at 4 pm. We would like to spend Friday evening chatting with you and getting feedback from you as well as answer all your queries regarding My Dream Store and our contest CLASH OF TITANS, which starts tomorrow. We are mega excited to have you join us and launch campaigns and fight it out with other campaigners.

This hangout will be brief from our side with the floor open for a Q&A session.

This is a step towards our endeavour to build sturdy communication channels between you and us. Our aim is to streamline the customer service process, so as to be able to serve you better. We truly believe a dialogue with you will help us build a better company!

It is a freeing thought to be able to be in complete charge of what you wear. Create a unique and personal T-shirt that is relevant to you and your clique, your University batch or your favourite social media page. MyDreamStore – India’s first crowd-funded merchandising store – gives you the opportunity to wear your own tagline, your own joke or your design on your T-shirt. Try your hand at creating your own T-shirt.

To visit our design studio, go to or click on the ‘Start a Campaign’ button at, it will take you to the design studio.

There are two ways to submit a t-shirt design in .

An awesome webpage requires a truly creative mind. One of the best methods of starting out on the design of a new webpage is the mind mapping process. For the creation of the CLASH OF TITANS Contest page too, we first needed to prepare a design in our mind. Once we were sure of what we were going to create, only then did we start implementing it.

The brief we got for the CLASH OF TITANS webpage was to create something modern and young in feel while being retro in look. We kept this important input in mind while creating drafts. We also knew that our website should be user-friendly, attractive and have a ‘stickiness’ factor attached to it.

Once a campaign has reached its goals, it is deemed successful. We will then start shipping the T-shirts and releasing the payments to our campaigners. You can choose various methods of Pay Out. Please remember, Pay Outs will be processed within 15 days after the completion of the campaign.

At MyDreamStore, a Payout can happen in three ways. You can select the option that is more convenient to you.

Get a Pay Out via

  1. Cheque
  2. Online Transfer
  3. Paypal

For each method, you will have to put in various account and other information like PAN number, etc. Please write in to us at if you have any queries regarding Pay Outs.

What are you waiting for? Our No loss, only profit model, makes it a great place to experiment! Happy Campaigning!

T-shirt design is a popular outlet of creativity. If you’re a graphic designer, illustrator, or a slogan writer, designing your own T-shirt is quite a cool idea. It can be a good channel to express your creativity. A sold-out t-shirt campaign at can even rake in good money for you.

  1. Explore your concept and think it out:

Do a full brainstorming process, create a few variations and then sleep on it.  Even if you figure out early on what you want to do, explore other options just in case. You can get some inspiration from some awesome boards that are on

  1. Stay ahead of the game:

It is alright to be inspired by what the latest trends are but it’s not a good strategy to blindly copy them. There is a possibility that by the time your t-shirt is printed, the topical trend will be out-of-date, and you will not be able to sell your merchandise. Your creation should ideally be a timeless masterpiece.

  1. Visualise the t- shirt:

Imagine the t-shirt design you just created in 3-D. Try and get a feel for how it will look on a person wearing a t-shirt. Print the design out and place it on an actual tee to get an idea. Don’t forget to create your artwork at actual size.

  1. Find your Forte for every design:

Your great drawing ability and attention to detail on a well executed masterpiece is awesome, but then so are the simpler, more classic designs which quickly get the message across. You will have to find what your forte is. is an easy to use tool to make some awesome designs.

  1. Who is going to buy your T-shirt:

This is an important one. Who is your audience? Who is your customer? Are they men or women, young or old? Like a good marketer, remember, at the end of the day you’re designing a product that you want people to wear. Know your target group’s likes and dislikes, who they are, what they like and go from there.

  1. Mind your humour:

If you’re going for a humorous design you don’t want it coming across as a cheap and low-cost joke shirt. Remember, even the most successful loud and in your face designs have subtle humour.

  1. Find a great Platform to sell your T-shirt:

Your design is great! But remember, your t-shirt will only be as good as your printer. Visit, India’s first crowd-funded platform for Customised merchandising!

You create an iconic design and let us shoulder the burden of the logistics involved. We enable you to turn your concept into an actual T-shirt with 0 upfront costs and 0 headaches!

Are you ready with your design? Click, and start your campaign with us NOW!

MyDreamStore is India’s first platform for crowd funded merchandise. You can start selling your merchandise and make profits without the inconvenience of investment, production, shipping, inventory management or customer support.

You can campaign for your Hobby clubs, Fan Groups, Music Bands, Social Media Pages, NGOs, College Fests, & Student groups and all through the creation and sale of T-shirts. You have to find a niche market and cater to your audience and their taste.

From the time we launched we have been getting repeat campaigns from the following groups.

Budding Entrepreneurs

Our no investment, no risk model is suited for a unique kind of start-up. Budding marketers can make use of our platform to gather a large market and sell T-shirts through us. There is no hassle as we take care of the entire logistics.


Fancy yourself a good designer but don’t know how to set up a store? MyDreamStore is the perfect platform to help you to make that happen. Make your T-shirt in our design Studio and get going!

Music Bands

Merchandise and other collectibles get fans more enthusiastic about music bands. Sell cool, quirky t-shirts to your fans right away without worrying about costs, dead stock, shipping or returns. We can scale up to any size, so don’t worry, just set a goal!

Fundraising/NGO activities

If you are looking to build awareness about your cause at the same time raise funds for your organisation – Start a campaign with us! Believers in your cause can purchase the t-shirt and we will deliver all across the country. You don’t have to worry about costs or stock. Leave all that to us!

Online Communities

Owners of popular online communities can monetise on their fame and brand by adopting our model. Create a cool T-shirt and make the most of it by making your blog/group/Facebook Community. Bring together the like-minded followers and make this enterprise a recognisable brand in its own right

Schools and Colleges

Wearing your pride on your T-shirt is the norm. Now you can create unforgettable iconic T-shirts for your Class, School or College. Promote it within your classmates without worrying about sizing or payments.

All this and many many more! Use your imagination and just create that iconic T-shirt and promote it as much as possible and more and enjoy a cult following!

This week we took a big step in our journey. We listened to what you, our customers and campaigners had to say, and took every word into consideration. We have revamped the website to be able to give you a better experience.

  • Our new website has a much cleaner look having adopted a minimalist design. This makes it aesthetically more pleasing. The white space in the website is a perfect background to showcase our colourfully designed T-shirts. Visitors will be able to discern the designs better in a cleaner space.
Great way to showcase our T-shirts
Great way to showcase our T-shirts
  • We have kept the user’s comfort in mind by making the content as easy to read as possible. Black text on a white background is the easiest to read and that is how we have kept it. The only splash of colour is an eye-pleasing blue to denote energy and easy-viewing.
  •  The buttons, tool tips and place in cart buttons have animation which actually increases interactivity. The one feature that attracts more customers is the concept of interaction with people. Interactivity draws people as the overall environment makes a customer feel more comfortable.
Good Animation
Good Animation
Cool blue
Cool blue
  • We have over-hauled our design studio and campaign creation pages too. From a 5-step process, we have reduced it to just navigation between 2 pages. This is going to make the creation of campaigns much easier. The Design studio features are placed in an intuitive flow so as to make back and forth between the 2 pages easier.
New Design Studio
New Design Studio
Just a 2-step process now!
Just a 2-step process now!
  • We have included well-structured pages as well as clear navigation tabs that will lead visitors to relevant sections of our website. We have organized the information on our website in a simple and structured way. That way, when you visit our website, it will be easier to navigate through the information to that which is most relevant to you.
  • Lastly, original website content is a very vital element in increasing and retaining viewership. Our content is displayed in a simple and clear manner using clear and error-free language that persuades our visitors to continue reading.

We have been getting a lot of feedback regarding our new look and till now the reaction has been really positive and encouraging!

Visitors love it!
Visitors love it!

We will be adding more and more features as we go along. So watch out for them and come visit our revamp website to create or buy a T-shirt.