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We want to take some time out today to talk about our cool work space. We have recently moved into a new office and the co-founders and the design head put some thought and care in designing an office space that relaxes, inspires and is light on the pocket as well.

IMG_3363 (1)

Some of the our team members – Celebrating a colleague’s birthday!

Designing every aspect of the space where 20-30 people will spend most of their day is a challenge. All of these people are different with varied personalities, likes and dislikes. To accommodate all and be able to give them a corner each which they can call their own is a tough job. Add to that the miniscule budget we had sanctioned to so – And you have a gargantuan task ahead.

From time to time all artists whether you are a graphic artist, a writer or a painter will come face to face with a creative block and be seemingly sapped of creative ideas.

If you are struggling with a creative block and need some design inspiration – First, don’t feel bad. Remember, it happens to all artists and creative folk, no matter which medium. Instead, learn to get your ideas flowing.

Take a deep breath and look at how graphic designers from the past have dealt with the same situation. This doesn’t mean that you should copy someone else’s work – you just need to generate some new ideas of your own which can be sparked by leafing through other creative work. This is the number one way to ignite your own ideas.

Follow these 6 other tips to ensure that you are never at a loss for great ideas!

A whole lot of Tech conversations take place within the My Dream Store team and we would like to bring these conversations here, so that we can include the larger tech community in our conversations and learn from each other.

Here Harsha M, our Developer, talks about the inner workings of our design studio.

this._waiting.splice(this._index, 0, cb);

Bug fixes are usually a couple of lines of code. It’s rare for a feature to be the result of a line. Of course a line is meaningless without its surrounding code.

You see that line makes the callback hell vanish for saving a design using design-tool  !

For saving a particular design the following steps have to happen in order.

1. Save Front side
1.1 Freeze Front side
1.2 Freeze Design area
1.2.1 Freeze Text
1.2.2 Freeze Filters

2. Save Back side
1.1 Freeze Back side
1.2 Freeze Design area
1.2.1 Freeze Text
1.2.2 Freeze Filters

3. Capture Goal Information

That’s a minimum of 10 callbacks, all deeply nested. At this point the various promise libraries didn’t seem to keep up.

Now Mutexes are complicated enough. That line gives you (quasi) Mutexes with arbitrary nesting unlike the original. I am not competent enough to call them Nested Mutexes, but fiddle out and let me know 🙂


Watch this space for more such Tech Conversations!

During our on-going CLASH OF TITANS contest, we wanted to come up with a series of animated videos, encouraging our campaigners to promote and those interested to take part in the contest. However, regular animated videos cost about 300-600 per second. This was too expensive for us and we decided to try something else. We decided on Stop-motion animation (also called stop frame animation) and we wanted to do this on our own!

What is Stop-motion?

Stop-motion animation that is captured one frame at time, with physical objects that are moved between frames. When you play back the sequence of images rapidly, it creates the illusion of movement. It is a lot like early 2D drawn animation (Think of early Disney) works, stop motion is similar, except using physical objects instead of drawings.

The Objective

We wanted to make this video to promote CLASH OF TITANS. We decided to have an animated war between the quirky characters we created for this contest. Our characters are fighting with each other to design and sell t-shirts using their cute, little creative weapon – a pencil! We were going to use stiff paper cut-outs.

The Limitations

We are delighted to bring to all our designer friends, some free resources that will help you with designing. Please take a look at the links provided below and tell us in the comments section which are your favourites and why.


TinyJPG | TinyPNG Compress images. Optimize and compress your images online.

Kraken: Optimize your images & accelerate your websites.

ImageOptimizer: Resize, compress and optimize your image files.

ImageOptim: Makes images take up less disk space & load faster. Image optimizer WordPress plugin.



Canva: Amazingly simple graphic design for bloggers.

Pixlr: Pixlr Editor is a robust browser photo editor.

Skitch: Get your point across with fewer words. Empowers anyone to create & share powerful visuals.

Social Image Resizer Tool: Create optimized images for social media.

Placeit: Free product mockups & templates.

Recite: Turn a quote into a visual masterpiece.

Meme Generator: The first online meme generator.

Graphic design has a learning curve and we would like to help you get better with some tips and tricks. Here are 5 basic rules to keep in mind.

1. Use contrast to make your designs pop

Juxtaposing contrasting elements in your design will help it stand out. Use contrasting colours for the background and the foreground. A simple rule is that on a lighter coloured background you should use darker fonts and vice-versa.

 2. Choose your fonts with care

Follow the same rule while choosing the fonts for a particular design. Use contrasting fonts for the heading and the subtitle or body. You could pick a font that is grand for the heading, and choose for the subtitle and body, simpler fonts. Make sure the fonts you choose are easy to read!

 3. Pick a colour scheme

Just like you’ve now chosen a font palette, you’ll also want to pick a colour scheme. Start with 2-3 main colours and usually the tool you are using will suggest the rest of the palette.

 4. No naked images

Use appropriate images in your designs to help it stand out. However, if you choose to simply place the images on the background, it will not be as appealing as if you place it within a frame. This is a simple trick which will give your design a professional edge.

5. Keep it simple

Lastly remember, a cluttered design is will overwhelm the senses and not appeal to the viewer. Use every design element frugally and keep the number of fonts, colours, shapes and frames to a minimum.

Click on this link to check out free design resources from all over the Internet!


This week we took a big step in our journey. We listened to what you, our customers and campaigners had to say, and took every word into consideration. We have revamped the website to be able to give you a better experience.

  • Our new website has a much cleaner look having adopted a minimalist design. This makes it aesthetically more pleasing. The white space in the website is a perfect background to showcase our colourfully designed T-shirts. Visitors will be able to discern the designs better in a cleaner space.
Great way to showcase our T-shirts
Great way to showcase our T-shirts
  • We have kept the user’s comfort in mind by making the content as easy to read as possible. Black text on a white background is the easiest to read and that is how we have kept it. The only splash of colour is an eye-pleasing blue to denote energy and easy-viewing.
  •  The buttons, tool tips and place in cart buttons have animation which actually increases interactivity. The one feature that attracts more customers is the concept of interaction with people. Interactivity draws people as the overall environment makes a customer feel more comfortable.
Good Animation
Good Animation
Cool blue
Cool blue
  • We have over-hauled our design studio and campaign creation pages too. From a 5-step process, we have reduced it to just navigation between 2 pages. This is going to make the creation of campaigns much easier. The Design studio features are placed in an intuitive flow so as to make back and forth between the 2 pages easier.
New Design Studio
New Design Studio
Just a 2-step process now!
Just a 2-step process now!
  • We have included well-structured pages as well as clear navigation tabs that will lead visitors to relevant sections of our website. We have organized the information on our website in a simple and structured way. That way, when you visit our website, it will be easier to navigate through the information to that which is most relevant to you.
  • Lastly, original website content is a very vital element in increasing and retaining viewership. Our content is displayed in a simple and clear manner using clear and error-free language that persuades our visitors to continue reading.

We have been getting a lot of feedback regarding our new look and till now the reaction has been really positive and encouraging!

Visitors love it!
Visitors love it!

We will be adding more and more features as we go along. So watch out for them and come visit our revamp website to create or buy a T-shirt.