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All of you reading the My Dream Store blog will know that we held the Clash of Titans contest in the Month of April. In about 20 days, over 700 campaigns have been launched from all over the country. Everyone from Students to Entrepreneurs, from NGOs to Marketing Enthusiasts, from Facebook pages to Hobby clubs have participated and won! Thank you for all your efforts!

For us too in the My Dream Store HQ, it was a super fun and busy time for each and every team. Our designers worked hard to give the contest a different flavour by creating a special theme with doodles and quirky characters. Our young account managers have been reaching out to you to help you launch your campaigns. We have been communicating with you on all forums and loving it! We hope to continue this relationship.

And now without further ado, Here are the winners! Congratulations everyone!!

Here’s to all those who believe in the FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND EXPRESSION. Here’s to all those who believe that when Gangu makes fun of Mangu, and both are laughing about it, Ramlaal Kaka need not interfere with his morality lessons, saying “Hey you two, learn to respect Indian culture, else I am going to beat you up. I beat my wife daily and I am well used to it. So do not Challenge me. “ Here’s to all those who believe that 66A is draconian. And the misinterpretation of it for personal satisfaction is in its own way – exploitation. Here’s to all those who despise the moral police, who say “Your job is to please me and entertain me. You should live as per our rules else we will sue you”

Free SPeech

And as you all know I am talking about the recent AIB ROAST. If you are one of those who is not so uptight, that you are looking for morality in the cabbage that you bought, I am sure you would have enjoyed THE SHOW.  For me ROFL was just a chat lingo, until I watched the ROAST. There were many moments, where in I had to pause the video to laugh my guts out and then get back.

Mind you, this is intelligent comedy and you have to surpass a certain level of IQ to understand it. Well, writing such comedy is the next level. And that’s the first thing that I have learnt to appreciate about AIB’s, their intelligence.  Definitely, does not suit the taste of those used to shit and fart comedy rampant in Bollywood. Remember “ ithne ched karoonga… “ . I believe the moral police are laughing at the mere mention of this stupid joke.

Further, it was not aired on national TV or issued in public interest. There was a warning before the video starts and the AIB’s never failed to repeat it – ‘THE ROAST IS RUDE, OBSCENE AND OFFENSIVE’. They were not making fun of anybody’s grandmother, but themselves. It was a private show, where consenting adults bought tickets, volunteered and laughed at themselves. Not to forget the charity funds they raised, at the cost of their ego. As per me, “jigar hona chahiye bhaya”(need to have guts)


The times have changed. The generation today does not idolize the film stars and the best part – neither the film stars themselves.  It’s a welcoming change in this country, where we learn to discriminate people right from the birth.  Where there are casts within casts and there is always someone superior and someone inferior. Hence any sense of equality irks the moral police.

According to them, the superior have to remain superior. Any change in this behavior shatters their system of discrimination. So celebrities have to be distant and superior. Alleged lower casts have to be subordinated. Women should be mellow. Further, Sex is impure and must not be talked about.  Sex education must not be taught in schools .The moral police might deny, but this is the root of all their hatred. And hence, if anyone attempts to be independent of these rules, they would not take it easy.

There are in numerous traditional, cultural and religious practices in India which have a very adverse effect on the psyche of people, especially the youngsters. But that’s Indian culture, hence fine with the hypocritic moral police.

But the voice of AIB needs to be quelled, that’s not Indian culture.

AIB (1)

Apparently the use of cuss words injured the moral police ego. I wonder how many of those have never used the ‘F’ word (in their own particular language) or wished worse things for others. I wonder which saint led this movement.

I believe it’s another bunch of hypocritic, egomaniacsthat use Indian culture at their disposal. Here’s to all those who oppose these egomaniacs

I SUPPORT AIB! Wear & Rally your support to –

Guest Author – Kiran Mortha


Severe Cyclone Hudhud that struck Coastal Andhra Pradesh on 12th October has already taken 24 lives (21 in AP & 3 in Odisha).


Over 100,000 houses in Visakhapatnam city ( Vizag) have been severely damaged. Thousands of acres of paddy fields, banana farms and coconut farms are under water and fisher folk communities have lost their nets and boats to the cyclone. Over 250,000 people in 320 villages are affected and nearly 135,000 are sheltered in 223 relief camps set up by the government. Water levels in rivers Vamsadhara and Nagavali are on the rise adding to the worries of people in the area.

At we’ve come up with an initiative to raise funds to the Chief Minister’s relief fund for taking up relief operations in the aftermath of cyclone Hudhud in Andhra Pradesh.

1) will give away all the profits raised via selling this t-shirt.

2) As a part of the organization’s initiative to contribute for the noble cause, all the employees 15+ at My Dream Store would be donating their one-day salary to the charity.

Please support the Cause and help the Nation combat the natural disaster in the most effective manner. Do spread a word, make your colleagues support in whatever way they can. Vizag needs you.

Hudhud Relief

*Well this life get any better
Oh yesterday’s day and today’s
How I thought the sun would shine tomorrow
But it rained…

When they screamed few years back, we fell in love with the band. We were very excited when we got chance to design a t-shirt for PARIKRAMA, so we wanted to make something that would reflect what PARIKRAMA actually is, we wanted to make something for the millions of followers of PARIKRAMA out there, something they would fall into love with, at the first sight .

With the motto to celebrate the undying spirit of ‘heavy meNtal rock’ we’ve designed these tees specially for the 23rd anniversary of the biggest, the craziest and the awesome-est rock band from India – PARIKRAMA.

The concept and Idea in our designer (Garima) words, the team silhouette at top of digit 2 representing the band members taken from one of their shoots. The whole design in front altogether represents the number 23. It was doodled from the scratch. There are many activities going on along the design : On side of digit 3 some papers are flying, a stair running across the gramophone, at the bottom of the design people are drowning and still enjoying the music…etc that can be revealed by going through the entire design.

Pari1 Pari2 Pari4 Pari6 Pari7

The idea was to represent what PARIKRAMA have created so far in terms of love for the MUSIC, madness for ROCK and LOVE for the band in souls for their followers and people who enjoy music.
The moment, PARIKRAMA team finalized the design and shared a word to its fans, the tees went out in no time. We were amazed with the responses we’ve got. We did get few responses from Australia & New Zealand for these tees. It shows the global fan presence of the band. So far it has been the fastest successful campaign since inception of My Dream Store and we wish to PARIKRAMA and the team a happy anniversary and keep rocking for the years to come.
In case you missed to purchase this, here is the final chance – Don’t dare to miss it 🙂
Signing off,
Team MDS

Live The Dream


Zhang Zhou one day had a dream. He dreamt of being a carefree butterfly. He fluttered by, in beautiful gardens. He then woke up to realize it was a dream. The dream left Zhang Zhou all concerned and confused. And he was struck with one question –

Am I Zhang Zhou who dreamt of being a butterfly?


Am I a butterfly who is now dreaming to be Zhang Zhou?

Well, maybe that’s how great philosophers think and they want to be thought of. But, did you ever think the same way? Did a dream ever leave you perturbed, this way?

The culprit behind all this disarray is a fact – that as long as you are dreaming, you don’t have any other perception of reality. The dream is – the plain of reality. All the fears and emotions attached in the dream, are but, real. Only once you wake up, do you realize that it was indeed a dream.

But if it was me, I do not think a dream, as such, will really disturb me. For, if I was gifted a horse I would not count its teeth, but instead, I would saddle up.

So, if I were, for once a butterfly, I would rather flutter by in all the beautiful gardens. Enjoy the weather; fly by rivers and mountains and more. May be try and be, the one featured butterfly of the ripple effect theory. And if I die in the dream or the dream comes to an end, I would just say – “that was a hell of a ride! “

My idea is not against philosophy, but it’s about being the best I can be, where ever I am. Even if it’s a dream, I would rather live it up.

The problem with most of us is, once we cross the teenage – we allow ourselves way too little. We further term this self-imposed restrain-order as Maturity. We are all scared of the repercussions.

What if this is actually a dream? I am sure you would bring all your aspirations to play. May be you would take up to a stage with a huge audience or gift your boss with that one-tight-slap he always deserved. May be you would quit your engineering and join the school of drama. May be you will move out of the house of your inconvincible-tyrant father, and start living on your own. And may be much more.

Really – would you do that, if it’s a dream?

Would you actually, for once, live – in your dream?

My question is, why don’t you permit the dream into your life. Instead of living in the dream – why don’t you allow yourself to live the dream?

Work towards your aspirations and make them true. Quit that living that you never liked and start living a life that you would never quit. There is, but one life – make the best of it. Have fun through the topsy-turvy ride, and finally when you end up, toast to your life and say –“that was hell of a ride.”

We are coming up soon to connect all the dreamers! Stay tuned.

Author – Ms. Kiran Mortha, MDS Team


“I have a dream” – starts the historic speech of Martin Luther King Jr. A speech that holds people enraptured till date. A woman standing behind him shouts, “Tell them about your dream Martin”. And he tells the 250,000 people standing there, about his dream. This marks the defining moment in the history of America, a key to the formation of the Modern day America.

What if he never spoke about his dream?

Mahatma Gandhi, father of our nation wrote a book. A book called “India of my dreams”. This book talks about everything, that he aspires an Ideal democratic India to be. It covers topics such as Education, Poverty, Industrialization, Untouchability, National language and so on.

What if he never had this dream?

Dreams, dreams, and dreams – they have seen many a happy sunrise. They have seen nations rise, ships built and the man fly.

These are not the dreams that we have in total unconsciousness. Not the once which creep-in when we are totally asleep and which disappear into thin air, once the eyes see the daylight.  These are the dream that walk-up to you in broad daylight and keep you awake. The dreams that you consciously weave with all your passion. They shine bright in the darkness. They won’t let you sleep.

“Not to dream” is the first lesson that, everyone is taught.  You are supposed to be practical. But, do understand – dreams are not “un-real”. If you care, your dreams can be “realized”. You abandon the dream and it will be lost in the space.  And there is a very less chance of regaining it.

There is a person, who agrees with me on this. He is a person of great achievement. While he was at school, he worked as a paper boy too. He faced many a challenge, but he did not kneel. His dream kept him going. As destiny would have it, he became the President of India.

And at the first opportunity he got, this is what he told the students

“Dare to dream

And care to achieve”

So don’t be shy and dream big.  And that’s what the wise do. Because in the walk of your life, your imagination walks ahead of you, and you follow. And if you keep up with the pace, one day your imagination becomes you.  That’s how, your dream comes true.

Have you heard the wise say – “If you sincerely wish for something, the Universe conspires to make it happen”. Don’t hope for this to be true. Believe that it is, indeed true.

If you have a dream, chase it. And in your chase, you would come across people, who are just there to help you – to make your dream come true.


We are here to help you to realize your dreams. Reach us @ My Dream Store

Author – Kiran Mortha, My Dream Store Team

There is a young boy who stands at the corner of my street. He watches me, every time I pass by the corner. I know he is looking at me, I can clearly feel that. But I do not know who he is. And he just stands there. I think he wants to ask me something. I don’t know what.

One evening, my friend came home, passing by the same corner. He started up with his deep analysis of the afternoons cricket match. I had to interrupt him. I usually don’t, but this time I had to. I asked him if he noticed the boy at the street corner.

He asked me – “Who?”

 I said “The same boy who always stands at the street corner”.

 He laughed out loud and he said “I have seen no one. Not this time, neither the million other times that I came to your house. You must be dreaming, the dreamer that you are. Another one of your impractical dreams”

 Offended though I was, I was in no mood to retaliate.  I instead asked him “Have you no dream of your own, of what you desire to be”.

He said “I am a practical person. Further, my parents have planned it all. I am just going to follow my brothers’ footsteps”.

Well, that’s him and this is me.

May be the boy wants to sell me something. And that explains him looking up at me all the time. But there was a strange thing about him, his face always used to reflect my mood. May be it’s one of his trick, maybe not. Why could my friend not see him? He was definitely not a ghost; there was nothing creepy in his presence.

And the questions never stopped surfacing and did not let me sleep. Next morning I woke up late and I decided to speak to this boy. He was there, at the corner, as usual. And I walked up to him. And did not know what to say, so I just stood there, staring at him.

The boy smiled at me and asked “Do you care for a dream?”

This reminded me of a story my grandmother told me. Well, it’s about a boy who used to stand at the street corner. He would sell colorful balloons. Kids and adults alike were attracted to his balloons. He was called the ‘dream-seller’.

I asked him – “Are you a dream-seller?”

He replied – “Dream seller, hope, spirit or life – call me whatever you want to. “

I asked – “Where are the balloons, then?”

He replied – “I will get them for you, if you want me to. But is that what you dream of?”

I asked – “Why could not my friend see you?”

He replied – “Well, your friend does not even dream of balloons. But don’t worry you are not the only person who can see me. There are others like you too.”

I asked – “Are you a real person or have I lost my senses. Am I supposed to be scarred of you?”

He replied – “Well I am just a reflection. I am the true ‘you’. There are others who know me and who see me every day. But, when the going gets tough, they give up on me. They ignore me, ignore their dream and ignore themselves. I first turn faceless for them, and my very sight starts to scare them. So they don’t lift up their head to see me, ever in their lives again. And gradually they lose themselves and their reflection in the crowd. I am the one who sits next to them on their death bed and dies with them. ”   

I asked – “So are you just my imagination?”

And then he said – “When did a man achieve anything without imagination?”

Tell me, do you care for a dream?

If you do care for your dream, do follow us –

Author – Ms. Kiran Mortha, My Dream Store