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Mother’s day falls on May 14 th this year in India. For consumers, It’s a difficult scenario to select from a wide range of options available in the market, but as marketers it’s one of those most definitive days on which you can greatly monetise on.


What to sell for Mother’s Day?
Gifting market in India is estimated at $30 billion out of which personal gifting constitutes $20billion. In the personal gifting sector, customized gifts are the most popular especially among women. Customized phone cases, mugs and posters served as great gifts and made some superb sales last Mother’s Day!


Design Ideas:
Following are few quote ideas which you can use to launch your products. These quotes are both scalable and versatile i.e. they can be used for all professions just by replacing the highlighted word in each:


 To the world
you are a
to this Engineer
you are the
Happy Mother’s Day.


My job is of an
your job
made me one!
Happy Mother’s Day.


Good Moms have
sticky floors
messy kitchens and
Doctor kids.


Designs that worked for us:



When should you start promoting for Mother’s Day?
We would recommend you to start promoting your campaigns 3 to 4 weeks prior. It will allow people to decide what to buy and take into consideration shipping times. The earlier the better!


Now that you are loaded with design Ideas, there is nothing that should stop you from starting your winning campaigns right away! Launch now!

In this case study we present to you the targeting and strategy we used for the design – “I’AM A PROUD HUSBAND OF A FREAKING AWESOME WIFE! YES, SHE BOUGHT ME THIS TSHIRT”.

This is the T-shirt design and banner we have used for Facebook ads

Hubby 1

Targeting 1: Online Shopping + Newlywed

Sex – Female, Age – 21 – 32

Locations – Delhi/ Mumbai/ Pune/ Hyderabad/ Bangalore/ Chennai

Audience Size – 1.5 Lakh Approx


Targeting 2: Online Shopping + Anniversary within 30 Days

Sex – Female, Age – 21 – 32

Locations – Delhi/ Mumbai/ Pune/ Hyderabad/ Bangalore/ Chennai

Audience Size – 50k Approx


Step 1 – Do a Website Conversion Ad (considering the pixel already have some purchase data) with a budget of INR 250. Let it optimize for 2 days.

Step 2 – If the conversions start coming in, increase the budget by 25% every 2-3 days.

Step 3 – On Day 3, do a retargeting ad with a budget of INR 40

The above steps are for having the first successful campaign. After this scaling comes in. Here are the audience resources you need to scale in:

  1. Capture the website visits & create 1% Lookalike
  2. Capture the buyers who purchased the product & create 1% Lookalike
  3. Create audience for people who interacted with the page

Once you’ve got more than 50 purchases, you can start scaling the campaign. This is how we scale:

1. Figure out which targeting worked really well. Ideal size of this audience is 100k – 300k. Just copy the best selling ad & start rendering only on Mobile Placement with budget of INR 1000.

2. Create Lookalike Ad for Website Visits with the budget of INR 1000 only on Mobile.

3.Create Lookalike Ad for Buyers with budget of INR 1000 only on Mobile

Whatever the ad is doing good, create the same copy targeting only for desktop. Observe any ad for two days, if it is performing good, increase the budgets by 25% every 2-3 days.

Designs should be quirky enough that your ad viewers should be able to get attracted it. Many design inspirations are available online around this niche. Here some ideas you can try

Untitled design




We started November with a bang! In November Week 1, we have recorded our all time high sales numbers. On 8th November our Government has announced Demonetization making the 500, 1000 denominations unacceptable.  This move has drastically affected eCommerce companies which mostly rely upon COD orders.

In this article, Sumanth our Marketing Head and also an alumnus of IIM Lucknow discusses the positive- negative impact of Demonetization and why campaigners have reasons to cherish in the long run.

Higher Proportion of Prepaid orders

One positive aspect of Demonetization is the increase in prepaid transactions. More customers are now opting for internet banking, credit card, debit card, mobile wallets to make their payments online. That means with more prepaid orders there are less returns, more successful deliveries and better profits for our sellers. In the long run we expect this trend to continue and bring positive results mentioned.

Article jan2

CODs are Back!

As we all are aware, the entire nation has faced cash crunch issues – as a result COD orders have plummeted by 80% and prepaid orders have dipped 60% in the week following Demonetization.

 In these tough times, we helped our campaigners to get sales by offering Rs. 50 off + Rs.50 cashback on prepaid orders – this resulted in quick normalization of the prepaid orders but COD orders took time to get back on track.  Encouragingly, there has been a significant increase in COD orders from Week 3 of December and now we are on the same scale as of Octobers order quantities.  Now with more cash supply, more ATMs operational COD orders are on the raise and are here to stay!

Article janReduced Dispatch Time

From December 21, 2016 we have successfully implemented and started a 3-day dispatch cycle i.e campaigns are dispatched to the respective buyers within three days from the campaign closure. This means less time a customer waits for his product, lesser cancellations and more profits for you.

Weekly Payouts

You will now receive your payouts on a weekly basis! Earlier campaigners had to wait till all the products in a campaign to be delivered to get their payout. These hassles are now eliminated with the Weekly Payout Cycle  system. With you receiving the payout money every week you will have funds to invest in FB ads or enjoy them at your will!

New Product Additions

Recently we have added Polo T-shirts, Baby rompers in our product offerings. We have noticed lower conversion costs for Polo tees, we recommend our campaigners to reach out their previous visitors (custom audiences) and cross sell Polo Tees with fresh designs. Keep your previous t-shirt designs on hoodies and capitalize on the winter demand for higher sales, margins.

So, why wait! Launch your campaign now and enjoy faster delivery cycles, lower return rates and better profits on your products.