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Gaurav Verma, a part time designer with interests lies in designing is among the early campaigners on My Dream Store. His first campaign was targeted towards Sport Enthusiasts, which got successful. With the experienced gained, he has gone to launch couple of more campaigns one targeting Music Lovers and the other into random art t-shirt. We congratulate him for getting all the campaigns successful & had a small chit chat to understand his success recipe.


MDS: Have you sold merchandise before?

No. But I have designed for various design houses and websites. I have decent experience designing t-shirts for others but this was my first opportunity to sell on my own private label. I always wanted to launch my own brand – Pingletee, which didn’t see its light, as it involves good amount of upfront investment, risk and lot of hassles.

MDS: How was experience selling through My Dream Store?

It’s a very new concept. I tried starting with a single campaign with an iota of pessimism. What I had to do was to create a design and promote it in my social circle. Though it sounded pretty simple, I was not quite sure about the outcome. Neither I had experience in sales. But I’ve decided to launch the campaign on the theme of Sports. I’ve worked on the design and launched a campaign. What I have seen after that was a great experience indeed. I had put some efforts to spread a word about my campaign. Reached few of my followers, friends & family. Used social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and sent emails to the circles I am active in. In the process I got to learn lot of new things.

After receiving the order My Dream Store took care of manufacturing, packaging and delivering it. They even took care of Customer support. After that I launched 2 more campaigns. They were successful because of Team MDS; I should agree that credit goes to the the team as well for making it successful.

MDS: What did you feel the first time, when you heard about this unique idea of fundraising by my dream store?

Initially I was not confident of selling. With continuous inputs and better knowledge transformation MDS changed my perception. They gave me inputs on what type of t-shirt sells and lot of ways of promoting my campaigns. Initially I felt selling was not my cup of tea, but running the campaigns, I understood it’s more like connecting to people on emotional level. Having a good social circle is a bonus, but even if you don’t you can join those groups on social networks and post details of your campaign. Sending an email to your peers also do help.

MDS – How long did it take for you to launch the campaign?

It took me a day to work on the theme and 3 minutes to launch the campaign. I would recommend people to work on design and target specific group of audience. Your chances of the getting the campaign successful will be high.

MDS – So did you order a T-shirt for yourself? Tell us about the material quality and the print quality?

Yes, I bought t-shirt for all my campaigns music and time. Like every other online buyer, even I was doubtful about quality initially. When I received the product, it was great. Be it the print quality or the fabric quality, I can rate it to among the top brands available in the Market. I enjoyed the product and the printing came out to be fabulous.

MDS – Did you hear from any customer who purchased your product?

I got few amazing reviews from my customers, some were like “ping me next time you launch a t-shirt. I’m definitely buying it”. You can visit MyDreamStore Page on Facebook you will find lot more there.

 MDS – Will you launch a campaign In future again?

I have established a decent customer base here and they are increasing too. I am enjoying the complete process. Right from designing to promoting with out having to worry about the manufacturing & delivery nuances. I am currently working on my next campaign. You can expect it anytime soon.

MDS – Would you recommend my dream Store to other who want to sell T-shirts?

Yes. If you wish to launch your brand or want to raise funds for your career/ pursue your passion, raise funds for a cause, it’s a great platform. It’s making more and more people realize their dreams.

Any other feedback in general?

With a standard client base, developed already, I am eagerly waiting for new products like Tote Bags, Posters and many more items which I can use in my campaign. And I am sure MDS is working on developing the design studio & adding more options for the apparel segment.

We wish Gaurav a great success for his future campaigns as well. Stay tuned for more success stories. Visit to launch your campaign now.