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Congratulations! Now that you have launched your campaign, it’s time to spread the word. Below, we have listed the easiest and quickest ways to do so. Please take a quick look and start promoting!

Tips for Basic promotion:

First send out an email:
That’s right. Sending out an email to your friends and contacts telling them of your new t-shirt campaign and guiding them to the website link is probably the easiest way to start the promotion of your T-Shirt. Write a thoughtful and Catchy email along with the link that is selling your T-Shirt and send out to a large number of your friends.

Post and Share on Facebook:
Once your campaign is created, share the URL on your Timeline as well as give the link to close friends and ask them to share on their Timelines. This way the traffic to our Selling Page will increase exponentially and your T-shirt will reach more and more like-minded people and the chances of selling it will increase.

See how some of our campaigners used Facebook for ‘Basic promotion’


Tweet out loud:
On Twitter, first build your brand. Be interesting. Stay relevant. Interact with your followers. And soon you will be able to reach out to a wider audience. Twitter users are always up for new information, products and services. If your profile interests your followers, you will be able to persuade them to visit the Selling page and even buy your T-shirt.

Pin it:
What’s unique about Pinterest compared to most social media websites is that it reduces the number of steps from discovery to conversion. This means that visitors from Pinterest checking out your T-shirt will convert to sales faster than from other social media sources. In fact, early research indicates that Pinterest is more effective at steering traffic back to a website compared to other social media sites, even Facebook. What are you waiting for? Get onto Pinterest and start exploring it.

There are more upcoming lessons about promoting and in the mean while you can rewind your learning about designing here.

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We know that designing the T-Shirt is the biggest task at hand. However, setting up the campaign properly is equally important. Click on the START A CAMPAIGN button to go to the Design Studio. Here you can upload your design or create one using Design Studio itself.
There are few quick steps to follow and we have included these steps below along with clear screen shots. Please take a look.

Set your Target:
As soon as the design is done, you will have to set a target next in order to continue. On the right hand side of the page, you will be able to set your target. Put in your Sales Goal and your preferred Selling Price. Pay particular attention to what you set as the seling price. Make sure it is optimised to be the most profitable for you at the same time not too pricey for your customers. This way you will be able to sell the maximum!

Start Customizing:
Once this is done, you can start customizing your campaign. First select the colours you want your t-shirt to be available in. Click on the ‘+’ button and it will lead to a colour palette you can choose from.

Choose Colors:
Select all the colours you want your T-Shirt to be in. Hover over the colours to see how it suits your design. Don’t select all the given colours, just the ones that look good with your design. Then click on ‘Done,’ and then on the Add Products button.

Add multiple Products :
Select the apparel and click on add.For every new product you select, you can customize the colors as per your liking.

Put in your Campaign details :
On the next page, you will have to fill in the various details on the campaign like the title, description and the like. Put in an appropriate title for the campaign.
Remember, to select an apt name as this is the name/title this t-shirt will be associated with. It should ideally be relevant to the design/slogan on the tee.
Next thing you have to do is to describe it. Your t-shirt is unique and a lot of thought has gone into it. Try to bring that out in the campaign description. Urge people to buy your t-shirt and give them a solid reason to do so.

Once this is done, please select the campaign length. This is the period of time for which your campaign will run. Select the time within which you think you will be able to promote and sell your tee.

Set Tags
After you have selected the time period, you will have to tag your t—shirt with relevant categories. These tags will help potential customers to look for and find your t-shirt. The tags are the categories and other relevant keywords that you feel your t-shirt belongs to.

Click on the FINISH button and you are good to go!

Once your campaign has been created, you will be able to view it within the dashboard. In case you need any help from us regarding the creation of your campaign, please write in to us at
Happy Campaigning!

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Terminology / Lingo Associated

If you are a keen observer and do extensive research about a niche, you will find some words they are connected to and lingo that they commonly use. This words can be arranged together to convey a meaning and bring out a strong message in your design.

Have a look at the following examples:

Design 1: Human Reseource(HR) professionals generally do multi tasking at their workplace playing roles of Event Planners, Mentors, Peace makers etc. The following design reflects the feeling of HRs and it makes them proud wearing it.

Design 2: A T-Shirt campaign targeting a college alumni. The campaigner has put down the lingo associated with the niche arranged in a good typographical design. This establishes an emotional connect with the niche and makes them buy the product.

Intersecting Niches / Subset of Niches:

Sometimes when you run out of ideas for a niche you can try intersecting two niches.

Consider the following two designs made targeting two niches:

A) BULLET – MADE FOR LEGENDS:For the people who are passionate about riding a Royal Enfield Bullet. These are subset of people who love the bike Bullet Specifically and feel legedary riding it.

B) BIKE EXPEDITION:T-shirt made by our campaigner to celebrate successful Himalayan bike trip.


Design A is for people who love bullet and Design B is for people who took a Himalayan Bike trip, essentially this is an intersection of audiences interested in BIKES and HIMALAYAN ADVENTURE.

From the following diagram you can observe how design ideas have come from targeting a subset niche and intersection niches.

Spin Off Designs

When your niche has a limited audience our you are exhausted with ideas to promote them, try to make modifications and create spin off designs targeting different designs.

Here is an example how a campaiger has made spin off designs with one template

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Now that you know your potential customers, it’s time to take a deep dive and find out what interests them? what they would like to wear? what quotations they like? etc.

Over the decades, t-shirts have become a powerful medium to show who you are – some like to spread a message, some like to show their belonging to an institution, some like to flaunt their attitude, some like to show their love, passion towards their hobby / profession. Each t-shirt has its own message!

Here are some ways through which you get ideas for designing products for your niche:

Start with yourself…THINK!!

Begin with something close to you. If you’re mad about Yoga, this might be a good audience to focus on for your first campaign as you could already have some initial insights about the best demographic details you should focus on like gender, age, location, and marital status.



You can talk to your Friends who are passionate about things they do, find out what excites them, observe what Facebook pages they liked, communities they are part of. Make sure you join such communities, online discussions to have a finger on the pulse.

T-Shirt Websites

T-Shirt websites are a great source to get your design ideas.They catalogue their products as per the top selling niches and you can get some really cool inspirations. Some platforms also give you the sale numbers which is a good indication of popuarity or acceptance of design pattern and the size of that particular niche.

You can refer the following websites for design inspirations but make sure not to violate any trademark or copyrights.

You can also go to Indian shopping sites likes, Flipkart, Myntra to search for tshirts and sort by popularity to find the best sellers

Social Media

Have a look at social media as well. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr can be great sources of inspiration.

Take Pinterest, for example. You can search for specific things like Bike Tshirts, Pet Tshirts, Yoga Tshirts etc to find real examples of tees. In your browser you can type in
source: pinterest < websitename > to see tshirt designs pinned from several websites.

Facebook has improved search functionality recently. Go to the search bar and type an interest. Example searching for #fitness gave me the following results. You can search for similar hash tags in Instagram as well.


Search is the easiest and quickest way to get awesome designs and give you a one shot view at products that can be found online.

Say if you want design ideas for Photography niche, try googling keywords like Photography Tshirts, Photography Tshirt Designs. You get some really cool ideas

Quote Websites

Quotes convey more stronger feelings of a niche. You can use lot of quotes available online to get ideas and to observe the typography.

Searching for Photography Quotes in Google Images gave me the following the results

You can also refer the following Quote websites and select a category to get good quotes related to a niche.

Continue to Next Lesson for more design ideas.

It is common for businesses, companies to create products, services that appeal to a set of people called  ‘ Target Audience ‘ i.e people who are the potential buyers of the products.

Consider the following examples :

Nestle, Maggi – Maggi is a brand synonymous with noodles in India. Who are the buyers for it ?
a. Office goers, students who want things to be tasty and cooked fastly.
b. Working Moms who have minimal time to cook breakfast for their kids yet want to provide a healthy breakfast

You see the Maggi adverts, packaging designed to resonate with the thoughts of their target buyers

• 2 Minute Noodles

• Fast to Cook Good to Eat

• Taste Bhi Health Bhi (for Good Taste and Health)

Similarily the creation of your products starts with identifying the ‘target audience’ what most of the sellers called ‘Niche’. Niche is a group of people with common interests, feelings, stance. Niche is a much refined form your target audience. They are highly passionate about their interests and buy things that reflect their passions. The whole idea of tshirt selling online lies in identfying a niche, create products that are unique to them.

Examples of Niches:

Hobbies – Photography, Biking, Fitness, Cooking, Playing Chess, Cycling, Painting, Yoga


Professions – Accoutants, Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Developers, Human Resources


Sports – Cricket, Football, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Sports teams, Sports personalities their quotes


Social Issues, Cultures, Family, Relations, Events, Beards and many more


The scope is limited but you have to weigh in the following thoughts before selecting your niche

• Is my Niche Big enough ?

• Are they passionate of their hobby / professions / interests ?

• Do they shop online ?

• Will they have access to Internet, Online Banking ?

• Is my niche targetable via Facebook Ads ?

Most of the campaigners who fail are the ones who create a design and then look out for audiences. Instead it works the other way
Identify a niche -> Create products for the niche -> Promote -> Scale up

We at My Dream Store had an amazing year with you. Your response continues to amaze and energize us. With every successful campaign you make, we are moving a step further to achieve our vision “to make selling easy“.
We’ve been constantly interacting with you to figure out ways to improve the platform. Here are some of the things which we want to concentrate in 2016:
  • Timely Payouts – Currently payouts are happening in 21 days in most of the cases. We created an automated mechanism to make the payouts. We want to inform, the delay in payouts is due to Cash on Delivery (COD) component involved in the campaign. Consider if all the buyers purchased the product via prepaid mode, we get all the money required to manufacture the product & process the payout to you immediately after the end of the campaign. But currently we are getting 63% of orders as COD. After the campaign has ended, we manufacture the product, deliver it to the buyer, collect the payments. This entire process consumes 17 – 21 days. Hence our typical payout cycle is 21 days. However we are working on some mechanisms to wire partial profits as soon as the campaign ends and process the rest once the products are delivered.
  • New Product Additions – We are very eager to add products like Tote bags, Sleeveless Jackets, Mobile Cases and many more unique products which you can sell to your existing niches.
  • New Feature Updates – Our tech team is working on building new features like – buyer messaging, unchanged campaign URL while relaunching campaign, up-selling other products to your buyers during checkout, integrating robust analytics to understand your audience.
  • Enhancing User Experience – We are investing heavily in technology, operations & customer service to ensure buyers/ campaigners happiness. We are strongly working on optimizing the production/ logistics time, so that the buyers get their products faster.
  • Tee Games/ Hang Out Sessions/ Meet Ups – & much more are planned 
We’re very much excited about the new year & hope to see some of you making millions using our platform.