July 2014.

Success by accident is a rarity. By all means, we can strive towards it. And by putting in all our efforts we can witness ourselves getting lucky. We would help you get there, that’s the whole idea – our conspiracy.

Here is another attempt by us, to help you get what you want – A rocking campaign.


When you want to advertise through Facebook, it presents you with an array of options and you can choose which set of users are your potential clients. The key to success in any campaign is targeting. You can choose to go by interest targeting, name targeting, sports team targeting, profession targeting etc. So here is your chance to choose wisely and save a buck. Do not carpet bomb and waste your money.

Newsfeed ads

The news feed ads were launched by the end of 2012 and then leapt to success. A research shows that the client base increased by 140% in the last quarter of 2013. Now does anyone need to tell us why?If you think that it’s a costly solution consider this – the newsfeed ads have 5 times higher conversion rate than the other conventional methods of advertising. It’s all about the outreach.

Laser targeting

If you have ever used Google ad-words before, you already know what I mean. Google gives you an option to advertise on local websites. So this is your way to target geo-graphically. So all the websites (associated to AdWords), within a particular radius, would be putting up your ad. This helps greatly as you won’t be burning a hole in our pocket to advertise. Second, it brings in the attention of people from one area, which has a greater conversion rate.

Add a streak

It’s good to have different channels to advertise. But, when you put emotions into your campaign you add mileage to it. A lifeless ad can hardly make an impact, even if it’s a big brand on a huge budget. Emotions well placed and well pronounced makes your audience connect to your merchandise and turn them into customers.


Most of the direct and indirect channels of marketing today, come with an additional benefit. And that’s the benefit of engagement. Facebook, Twitter, Plus and others give you the chance to engage with your customers and appreciate their choice. For engagement goes a long way, never refrain from it. Replying, thanking, appreciating, responding, commenting – everything adds to the success of the campaign

Know your stats

Once you launch your campaign and also market it accordingly, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the stats. Any channel you choose to advertise helps you with stats, which will help you calculate your return-on-investment. In fact, I heard from many successful campaigners that it’s addictive – checking the stats of your campaign.  It’s amusing that I am mentioning this point, but it turns out to be important. Your stats are the first indicators of the movement of your campaign. And also the best source to inform you if your campaign was a hit or a flop.

Ideas of scaling up?

If you have been a successful campaigner and if you are on a spree, it’s time for you to scale up. When you are targeting a smaller group or a niche market, you would reach your goal. But the scope is limited. But if you have an idea to scale up, as most of us do, then it would be right for you to target a bigger market, use your learnings and scale up.

You are not married to your campaign

As ironical as it might seem, this is one important aspect that needs a mention. You cannot always catch the pulse of the market. Sometimes bears fly and Eagles crash. And in the true market, some of the best campaigns might fail. In such scenarios, it’s advised to pull out of the market and move ahead with the next campaign.

But before you think of the first point in this article, look back at your campaign and ask yourself these questions –

  • Is my design outstanding?
  • Are the pictures good?
  • Are the colors right?
  • Is it well in time and trend?
  • Am I charging too much?
  • Did I campaign right?

Finally, we reiterate – “The Campaign fails, when you stop trying.”