May 2015.

My Dream Store is going to help you track conversions of the Facebook ad you are using to promote your T-shirt campaign. For this, we will teach you how to use Facebook ad tracking through pixels. This is an extremely useful tracking tool our team uses to discover the detailed journey of an ad from first impression to ultimate conversion.

Below, we have recounted the steps it takes to connect your Facebook ad manager and your My Dream Store account through pixel tracking and to better measure your campaign conversions.

Hello Campaigners. You have a campaign going on and you have used our promotions guidelines and have got good results. However, chances are that you might notice a dip in sales after a point of time as things start to get slightly stagnant.

To shake things up, start promoting your campaign through Facebook ads. It has been clearly proven through several successful campaigner testimonials, where our star campaigners say that promoting their campaign through Facebook ads really gave them that extra push and an edge over other campaigns.

Through Facebook ads, you will get the traction you have no chance of getting organically. You can reach out to a larger audience who will be exactly interested in the t-shirts you are offering – you can select based on their interests and other sub-categories.

First things first, create a Facebook Ad. To do so, follow the steps below.

You Demanded and we Delivered!

My Dream Store is proud to introduce two brand new facilities of the My Dream Store model.

Drum roll please…..

Our Campaigner of the week this time around is Alokparna Sengupta. She is an earnest animal activist and the Deputy Director of HSI India, an elite Animal Protection organisation working to better the lives of farm, street and lab animals of India. Alokparna launched a t-shirt campaign supporting the causes HSI supports while not representing HSI directly.  She has had three successful campaigns under her belt in a very short duration; recently, we spoke to her about her experience with us.

The conversation has been transcribed below.

crazy 99

At My Dream Store, we have gone absolutely crazy for 99! We have an ongoing limited period offer on select t-shirts (call it Happy Hours for tees!)

We are selling 99 brilliantly designed tees just for Rs. 99.

Hurry! The offer lasts till Sunday May 24th 12 noon

Meet Sakshama Ghoslya. Sakshama is a 3rd year student pursuing Electrical Engineering at IIT Mandi. He launched a campaign on My Dream Store targeting his batch-mates at college. He has two successful campaigns under his belt in a very short duration, and now he is our campaigner of the week!

Recently, we spoke to him about his experience with us. The conversation has been transcribed below.

We want to take some time out today to talk about our cool work space. We have recently moved into a new office and the co-founders and the design head put some thought and care in designing an office space that relaxes, inspires and is light on the pocket as well.

IMG_3363 (1)

Some of the our team members – Celebrating a colleague’s birthday!

Designing every aspect of the space where 20-30 people will spend most of their day is a challenge. All of these people are different with varied personalities, likes and dislikes. To accommodate all and be able to give them a corner each which they can call their own is a tough job. Add to that the miniscule budget we had sanctioned to so – And you have a gargantuan task ahead.

Meet Shyam Kaushik. He is one of our top campaigners. He is currently pursuing engineering in NIT Silchar. His relationship with us began last year and it’s still going strong. His campaigns with us have all been NIT related. From then to now – Shyam has sold about 1200 t-shirts. Not all of his campaigns were always successful, but he soon learnt the ways of internet marketing and became adept at it. In fact, till date he has raised about Rs. 1.8 Lakhs from all his campaigns on

He was also the biggest winner of the recently concluded Clash of Titans – And he won the mega prize of Rs. 1 Lakh!

Recently, we spoke to him about his experience with us. The conversation has been transcribed below.