June 2015.

This is a continuation of the previous blog post on Defining your Target Audience, Here!

After you have selected your very niche audience, look for all the possible online forums and social media channels that your audience visits. Once you have found them, join the forum as well as the groups and provide well-thought out inputs and create a value add. This will be good for later on, when you ask them for information, participation or even their email Ids.

Meet Chandu Reddy, an Engineer and a design enthusiast from Hyderabad.  He launched a campaign Alumni t-shirt on My Dream Store earlier this year for his friends, classmates and batch mates, targeting all those who miss the Alma Mater BITS Pilani, Hyderabad, just like him! This week he is our campaigner of the week!

Recently, we spoke to him about his experience with us. The conversation has been transcribed below.

Welcome Readers! In this blog, we will teach you everything you need to know about how to connect your My Dream Store account with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a muti-faceted tool which will help you track various aspects on consumer behaviour. This insight into consumer behaviour is invaluable while trying to sell your t-shirts online. The correct use and interpretation of Google Analytics data will result in potentially higher ROI!

Meet Ramandeep Singh a bike enthusiast and design lover from Jammu and Kashmir. He launched a campaign on My Dream Store targeting others like him who are crazy about bikes and riding them just like he is. His Bike campaign as well as his iconic Happy Artist campaigns succeeded in a very short time and now he is our campaigner of the week!

Recently, we spoke to him about his experience with us. The conversation has been transcribed below.

The Indian Ministry of Affairs with direction from the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has declared June 21st, International Day of Yoga. This move received support 177 countries and this year on this occasion, the government is organizing Yoga Day events across 192 member countries of the United Nations.

Chances are that you will not be able to sell your t-shirt if it is a standard t-shirt that caters to a large but generic audience. The trick to selling your t-shirt is in targeting a small but niche target group. A ‘niche’ is a part of a large audience, who are interested in a very specific thing. By recognizing these precise groups, you can design t-shirts that are custom-made for their interests.

Our Campaigner of the week this time is not an individual but a kickass Organisation, Bhumi.org.  Bhumi is one of India’s largest independent and youth volunteer non-profit organisations. The organisation provides socially-conscious students and young professionals a platform to serve society and to bridge the gap between the learned and the unlearned through education. Their volunteers educate and mentor children from orphanages, slum and village community centres in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, New Delhi, Rajasthan etc to give them a better future, which will benefit them as well as our country.

We spoke to the team and here is a compiled interview that we have transcribed below.