July 2015.

TIGER, tiger, burning bright, in the forests of the night; What immortal hand or eye, could frame thy fearful symmetry?

Tigers may be one of the most admired animals, but they are also vulnerable to extinction. The largest of the world’s big cats has a day that is dedicated to it. World Tiger Day was first celebrated in 2010 and was founded at an international summit that had been called in response to the shocking news about the rapid decline of tigers!


In the last 100 odd years, the flexible T-shirt has changed itself again and again, from its lowly beginnings as men’s underwear; to becoming the unofficial uniform for the working classes, the T-Shirt has now evolved into an emblem of youth and style. Men, women, girls and boys – we all wear the tee and can’t think of our wardrobe without it!

With this article, we are celebrating the evolution of the versatile t-shirt by taking a look at some of the most iconic t-shirts through history.

I am sure you will be able to recognize some of them!

Meet Kavya Krishna, our ‘Campaigner of the Week’ this week. Kavya is an aspiring BDS student who is currently taking a break from studies due to health difficulties. This break has made her a stronger person and has given her an opportunity to explore her creative side and take on activities and projects that she has not thought of before. This brought her to designing and art.

We were super thrilled that she agreed to meet us and look around our office and have a chat with us! Kavya came down to our office in Hitech City this week all the way from Dilsukh Nagar.

Kavya was originally very interested in designing jewelry and started her foray into art and craft as an amateur jewelry designer. From here she started to look at more opportunities in art and design. This was when she came across My Dream Store accidentally through The Logical Indian page. The Logical Indian had recently launched a t-shirt campaign on My Dream Store.

Below, we have transcribed the conversation we had with her.

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My Dream Store is very proud to launch three brand new products this month!

We have noticed a spike in demand for different styles of apparels from our consumers and in order to  fulfill their needs and to help you sell more, we have added more variations of t-shirts and tank tops for both men and women! We already had the Unisex T-shirt and now we are adding three more! Now you have a wider range to select from while choosing your product.

Thank you campaigners for launching amazing T-Shirt campaigns on our website over the last few months! We have been busy too – interacting with some of you, collecting feedback and getting valuable inputs to improve our website, streamline our processes and make selling easier for you.

We want to shape this interaction between you and us into a happy tradition.

1. Shishuasana


2. Virasana


3. Salamba Sarvangasana

Salamba Sarvangasana

4. Makarasana


5. Upavesasana


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6. Tadasana


7. Salamba Sirsasana

Salamba Sirsasana

8. Pada Hastasana

Pada Hastasana

9. Shavasana


10. Hasta Uttanasana

hasta uttanasana

11. Sukhasana


12. Adho Mukha Svanasana

Adho Mukha Svanasana1


13. Hanumanasana


Yoga is in everything. It’s a way of life. Seeing that we already do so much of accidental yoga, try and see if you can incorporate a bit of intentional yoga in your daily routine!

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1. You see it. On a billboard! You come across it accidentally (Cough! Targeted Facebook Advertising Cough!) on the right hand side of your timeline.


It’s almost as if the slogan was written by you! It’s ironic. It’s a double-entendre. Plus your mom won’t know that you are saying a dirty thing 🙂 You buy the t-shirt immediately!

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2. You now wear your t-shirt everywhere cool!


02 tshirt

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Friends, classmates and colleagues laugh, and congratulate you on your sardonic sense of humour. Your crush looks at the words on your chest and completely ‘gets you.’  – That is what raised eyebrow means. Right? Right?


3. It’s been a few days and your mom gives it for a wash without your knowledge. You know this means it’s a 50:50 chance that it will survive. Will you t-shirt change colour in the washing machine and die the usual laundry death?




4. Even if it survives, like everything in life, this tee loses its newness. You now wear it to go to the barber shop, to quickly go to the corner kirana shop and get ginger-garlic paste for your mom. You leave it in your room hanging behind a chair.



5. This is when your younger sibling creeps into your room one day and ‘rescues’ your t-shirt and starts wearing it to college and to hang out with friends. You worry. Is your tee back in trend? Are you missing something? But, mostly you see your idiot brother or sister wearing that t-shirt and you realise it is your favourite t-shirt and it must be taken back.


They try to argue…But it’s your “Favourite T-shirt” you tell them! You win!


6. There is a romance kindling of sorts. You start wearing it again! Faded, comfy tees are the best! You now sleep in it.


Things are getting a bit ‘holey’ and your mom frowns every time she sees you wearing it. But hey you just think of it as air-conditioning!


7. One day you see your kaamwali bai using something very familiar to clean the floor. You get really upset and you go storming to your mother as if in war! Why doesn’t she just understand you!



Why do they have to ruin your life? You mom just rolls her eyes and stops listening.

The t-shirt as you knew it is dead. Long live t-shirts!

Btw! We never run out of t-shirts at My Dream Store 🙂

See what other awesome designs Minion fans came up with!


***Ahem! Minions the Movie releases in India on the 10th of July!***