September 2015.

If you are looking for a storehouse of all information related to the launching and ultimately the succeeding of your My Dream Store campaign, your wait is now over.

Hello Campaigners! We have added another feature to our platform that will help you guys showcase your t-shirts, tank tops, vests and sweatshirts better. If you have several open campaigns on My Dream Store, you can group the similar ones together and showcase and sell them from one place. This brand new feature is a virtual storefront with a unique customisable Display URL which you can set yourself. This kind of storefront link is very useful for advertising similar grouped products as well as for sharing to your social network.

This is akin to having your own store with a unique name, selling products with a similar theme.

It is very likely that a person clicking on your ad visits your product page and doesn’t make a purchase because he didn’t like the colour of the T-Shirt or he might have wanted your design on a tank top or a hoodie instead. In order to increase conversions it is good to give your buyers a variety of options – this increases the chances for a sale.