October 2015.

You have a storefront and you are using it to group similar open campaigns together and showcase and sell them from one place.

You can now make some changes to it. You can now edit your campaign – add new active campaigns or remove some campaigns. You can also change the name of the campaign. However, the campaign URL will stay the same as you set it earlier.

At My Dream Store, we are a bit crazy about T-Shirts. We eat, sleep and dream T-Shirts. All over our minds, our hearts and our offices, you will just find more and more T-Shirts – Dreams of T-Shirts, designs of T-Shirts, and of course actual T-Shirt samples of all sizes and colours. So we were a bit taken aback when we met the Lazy Ninja.

The strength of a team is more than just the sum total of the professional abilities of every team member. Every team player brings with them their own quirks and personality traits which always bring something fresh and unique to the team. It is this which makes a team whole. In this series we will be trying to highlight the inner workings of our team by showcasing the people working behind the scenes at My Dream Store. We are hoping that we will get to know some things about our team mates that we didn’t know earlier. We want to know what makes our teammates tick.

Here it goes! The first interview is with a start of our Tech team Bhavya Sri. We threw her some googlies and this is how she responded.

 Introduce yourself Bhavya!

I am a web developer at My Dream Store and I basically work as a Front-end developer. I was born and brought up in Eluru, in West Godavari district and I did all my schooling and college there. I have completed my B. Tech from Sir C.R.R College of engineering which is affiliated to Andhra University

Meet Shaeree Mukherjee, our Multifaceted ‘Campaigner of the Week;’ Shaeree is a powerhouse of creative energy. She has been a friendly face on our Campaigner Connect group and was always up with an intelligent question. Her need to know and understand everything made her questions a delight to answer. Shaeree has had awesome success and we congratulate her on the 44 T-Shirts she sold on her first attempt and we wish her all the best for the future!

Recently, we spoke to her about her experience with us. Below, we have transcribed the conversation we had with her.

A lot of you have been relaunching your campaigns immediately after its completion. This is a great idea! Relaunching successful campaigns can be a great way to keep your business going, and give your audience more of the products they love! At the same time relaunching un-successful campaigns is actually a great way to give yourself some more time to sell your tees.